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  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!
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Change Log

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This thread will update everyone on changes I do to the server


Changed the old MOTD to the newer, non-archived one and improved some rules.
Nade throwing pre-round is removed.
Everyone is allowed to hang bodies, hanging is no longer KOSable.
AWP is now a 1 shot but only has 1 bullet.
Knife is now a 1 shot.
UTime has been added.


Servers tick rate changed back to 33
Added 3 new maps(Mineshaft, Minecraft City Day + Night), no more 24/7 b5 for a while
Pointshop2 will be added later on today along with a suggestion thread for skins/hats/etc.


Removed Mineshaft since it caused too many problems with delaying
Removed Minecraft City Dark due to unpopularity


Added two maps, Skycraft and MC Dolls to rotation
Increased rounds per map to 8
Added end round slow mo


Updated/Slightly changed some rules and added map specific KOS's and Punishments
Added Minecraft 67thway
Removed Skycraft due to delaying and unpopularity
Fixed knife not 1-shotting


Removed Minecraft 67th way
Added 2 maps, MC Village and Minecraft Motel + Skybox fix
Added map voting, server won't automatically cycle through maps anymore.


Added scheduled restarts every day @ 8 AM to combat server round start glitching.

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Posted (edited)



Made the server back to 24/7 b5 after numerous complaints + the server dying down a bit after the change

Added 3 new guns that everyone can use:



30 in a clip, maximum 60 in reserve

37 damage a headshot, 14 a body shot and 7 a limb shot, w/ armor its 26 a headshot, 9 a body shot and 5 a limb shot. Might seem a bit weak but its actually better than the mac-10 in terms of damage and fire rate

Takes SMG ammo


Dual Elites:

30 in a clip, maximum 60 in reserve

54 a headshot, 20 a body shot and 11 a limb shot, w/ armor its 37 a headshot, 14 a body shot and 7 a limb shot

Takes 9mm ammo



Can scope in

Highest fire rate in class

20 in a clip, maximum 60 in reserve

160 a headshot, 40 a body shot and 22 a limb shot, w/ armor its 112 a headshot, 28 a body shot and 15 a limb shot

Takes rifle ammo


All of these will be added to perma weps, the Traitor briefcase and one-time weps as well.

Added in a Darth Vader and 3 Miku models(Hatsune, Zatsune and Akita Neru) which all people can purchase . I will put up a suggestions forum up tonight where you can suggest add-ons, playermodels, guns etc.


thanks to @Esbelto and @Kurama Koukla for the helping and testing.

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