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TTT Custom Change Log

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This log is generally meant for developers and to give a sense of transparency to the users.


Gameplay -

Double jump has been added to the server by default. Just press space bar twice. (Possibility: Force double jump to only work somewhere near max 1st jump, to stop people from double jumping twice below to NOT die.

Pointshop 2 related stuff -

Harley Quinn removed from PS2, it was a model, not a player model, and that's a whole 'nother world to delve into.

Tools -

Cake anti cheat now works for staff! Please type !cac_menu to see it. Adjusted some things to automatically perm ban anyone using hacks in the server, as beforehand it was set to kick only.

To Do list -

Remove double jump from ps buy options.

Remove harley quinn from ps buy options.

That is all



Gameplay Related -

Death emblems are added! VIP Only, if you are a donator and press "f6" a death emblem creator will appear, here you can create a shitty cod like emblem to display to your enemies when you dick them down, press f6 to access and the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around your emblem, share YOUR type of cancer to players now basically.



Quality Of Life Change -

Death emblems are now able to display the role of the killer! Enjoy! This should help you decide if the person is rdming or not!



New Skins Added

Thresh, Tron Anon and Daedric added for anyone to purchase. Mr Meeseeks added and is donator only.



New Maps Added 


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Guest Esbelto
Posted (edited)

ALRIGHT LADYS AND GENTS LETS START THIS UP NEW PC NEW SERVER HAHAAAAAAA.... I cracked open a good ol nice bottle of vodka so lets get this shit poppin.


Server re-vamp is in process... It's gonna take a little longer cause I can't get ahold of the list right now that I asked someone to make so lets get this poppin.


This thread will be updated but if anyone wants to hop into discord and suggest what I should do with the server I'm open for suggestions, anyone, and I mean ANYONE (yes people I don't enjoy as well, I'm drunk so ya'll get a pass.) Anyone that helps with suggestions will get a 25k point compensation in return and well some of their ideas may be added, just hop in discord ttt custom and talk.


Lets get the basis down, this post will be consistently updated and edited, keep track of it.

1.  Create list on what and what NOT to delete. (Complete)

2. Wipe server (Complete)

3. Add back in the basic "make ttt work good" shit [ULX/Ulib, ModernMOTD, PS 2 w/ addon material]. (Complete)

4. Add the shit we're keeping back in. (Complete)

5. Add maps in. (Complete)

6. Rules revised (Complete)

7. Re-add mapvote (in-progress)

~~ Barebones TTT [Incomplete] ~~

Edited by Esbelto

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Guest Esbelto
Posted (edited)


~New permanent mini-game introduction~

-Gay fuck boy friday-


Two new weapons...

- Drilldo


Drilldo is and does 2 dmg per second and is equippable in secondary slot.

Dildo does 5 damage per hit and is equippable in primary slot.

The catch... It only does damage on friday, the objective and rules play as this.

Both these weapons spawn actively around the map with other weapons.

This game mode is always active, its a mini-game more of...

the rules...

If you can kill me with one of these weapons under these conditions...

1. I must NOT be AFK

2. I must be a traitor

3. It must be a valid kill, RDM'ing will exclude you from the game mode for that kill.


Q: What happens if I kill you with the weapon?

A: If you kill me with ONE of the weapons, I will buy you a 30$ game, for FREE, if you save that prize and kill me with the opposite weapon, I'll bump it up to a 60$ game and throw a month of free VIP on it as well.


I'll be getting drunk and finishing up the barebones server as is for this weekend, most likely after I get released tommorrow I'll hit up some vodka, do a few more edits, and then I'll open the server if anyone cares to join. 

The money for the games are coming straight out of my pocket. Anyways, just a little update, enjoy!

Edited by Esbelto

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Guest Esbelto
Posted (edited)

-Alright here's all the additions, I'll make everything more pretty tommorrow when I have the time or during the weekend but bear with me, ya'll have been patient with me on this whole ttt project I've worked very hard on, especially the start with @UHabit and I really appreciate all the feedback. I hope ya'll enjoy the server as much as I do from how it's turned out so far.

Weapons -

1. All weapons have been re-animated in a sense, they're all vanilla TTT weapon stats, but re-animated with no performance hits. I hope ya'll enjoy this, especially my personal favorite, the crowbar. They also all feature C_hands enabling you to see your player models hands if your player model has them with it.

2. Crowbar [Damage Re-Vamp] - Headshots do 54 damage, bodyshots do 20, arms and legs do 11 damage. This should set-up a viable use for crowbars and make crowbar fights more interesting and spicy for the server.

3. TMP [Re-Vamp] - Accuracy increased and damage increased to 16 FROM 14 damage.

4. Mac-10 [Re-Vamp] - Damaged increased to 14 from 12. (Accuracy is better then tmp, by like, a LOT.)

Pointshop related stuff -

1. Pointshop perma-weapons have been added, each weapon costs 10k and available to any rank! Enjoy.

2. Pointshop betting added, bet which role will win at the end of the round for points.

3. Airdrops have been added into EVERY map, they contain points, hats, PM's, AND exclusive airdrop ONLY PM's. Airdrop point low = [10,000] point high = [1,000,000]

Tools -

1. Death emblem suite has been added, create death emblems for people to see after you kill them, like COD, except you create them, I don't care how retarded or lewd they are, they can have big fat black cocks for all I care as LONG as I see nothing racist or borderline offensive from it. Ya'll have been good about this, don't make me get stupid with this addon. 😄

2. ModernMOTD added to server, basically a nicer looking rule viewer.

3. Ragdoll remover added, if a ragdoll starts to go fast enough to crash the server, it will instead be removed thanks to the addon.

4. Shoutvote has been added, after voting your map, shout into voice chat to give your vote more power, things get chaotic but this is tbh my favorite addon. ya'll make this addon fun and thank you for that.

Maps added -

minecraft b5

community pool 2017

rooftops swg

ttt island 2013

ttt skyscraper

ttt cruise

ttt foundation a1

ttt cluedo b5 improved

ttt nuketown

ttt metropolis

ttt metropolis v2a

ttt muesem heist v6

mtt resort

All weapon spawns have been re-vamped in each map to contain every weapon possible, no 1 weapon locked maps!


Tekken Kuma (Veteran only)

Master Chief

Harley fairy fencer

TDA Shadow Miku

Swat Shield Zeal Team

Carbon Miku v2

Hotline Miami Jacket

SAO Fatal Bullet LLENN


Ranks -

All ranks have been updated to have what powers they're supposed to have.


Thank you for everyone's suggestions and balancing ideas, I've implemented a lot of ideas in the server from everyone DM'ing and well just speaking to me about the server. I really do appreciate it, keep it up with the ideas!


I wasted my 4 day week and work days to make this server possible, please give a poor man a poor mans like on this post. ~ UWU ~



Edited by Esbelto

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