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Possible New Surf Timer!

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Hey Everyone! So I have been looking into everything I can to make the server more unique to make it the place to be. Specifically I have been looking at a possible new surf timer. Currently we use the most popular surf timer for opensource which is CKSurf and thats what most servers use unless they have the money to shell out for a custom timer. Previously while Lucidious was our head admin we were looking into another surf timer that is actually more uptodate than cksurf but have not seen any other servers using it other than Private Passworded servers. This Surf Timer is call the Influxtimer. I am currently in the process of testing this surf timer out to see if it will give our server an edge over others out there. I will update this thread with updates about the timer as I research it. So please keep an eye here if you are interested!

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UPDATE: New Surf Timer:  So I have been testing the possible new timer more and working some customizing on it to suit the communities needs. I will be having a select few helping me test it some more.

Features of New timer that CK Surf does not have.

Influx-Timer has many more Style options for the populace.

CKSurf has Normal, Half-Sideways, Sideways and the fun Styles: Low Grav, Slow mo, Fast forward.

Influx-Timer has Normal, Half-Sideways, Sideways and Low Grav. But it has styles that Cksurf does not have such as:  A/D Only, W Only, True Half-Sideways, Backwards, Tool Assisted, Prespeed and Parkour, Parkour style is very fun as you can give your self personal boosts and even wall jump.

Influx-Timer has other features such as you as an individual player can save your own personal best run and look on it later and this is in addition to the WR Bot.

Every player will be able to manage their entire runs for each map, bonus etc.

Influx-Timer Screen hud has a little bit more info on it and each player can customize it to their hearts content.

You can hide your hud so your screen is clear. If you hide your weapons you also mute weapon sounds where as CKsurf still has the sounds.

Influx-Timer will even count how many jumps you make as well as your strafe count.

Influx-Timer has a Practice mode with practice runs.

With CKSurf when you get to a new rank you cant change your rank. However with Influx-Timer each time you reach a new rank you have to manually change it yourself which means you can choose to use any ranks you have previously achieved.

Influx-Timer there is a command that allows you to see your (True) Velocity during a run.

This is about the bulk of the Main features that make this New Influx-Timer better than CKSurf. But I will announce more once I have had some more people test it out.

Please Stay Tuned!

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