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PUBG Duos Tournament!

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Hello Everyone! I will be hosting a PUBG Duos Tournament! 


Sunday August 12th (8/12/18) @ 8:00 pm EST


AG Discord (Channels will be made for the event) 

Invite Link:  https://discord.gg/FTC7xCA

How it Works:

All the teams will compete on each of the 3 maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok). Teams will be scored on a point system.

Kills = 5 points each

Chicken Dinners = 50 Points

2nd Place = 40 Points

3rd Place = 30 Points

4th Place = 20 Points

5th Place = 10 Points

6th Place = 5 Points

Every Other Place = 1 Point

The 3 teams with the most points after all 3 maps, will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

How to Enter:

Click on the Google Doc link below and answer the questions.

You will be registering for you and your partner so make sure you know which one of you is registering.


Please make sure to be in the Discord 15 minutes before the Event starts.


1st Place: $20 Steam Gift Card + PUBG Event Winner Tag in Discord + 1 month VIP

2nd Place: $10 Steam Gift Card + 1 month VIP

3rd Place: 1 month VIP


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unfortunately not enough people signed up so the event will not be happening

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