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Community Nights

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In an effort to increase server activity, I think we should host community nights for every server.

IE: we get a minimum of 10 willing people to all play on one server a night/day for a few hours. The next day we would switch to a different server. Hopefully new comers browsing servers seeing 10 people on one server would make them more interested in joining rather than seeing 3-5 people on. And if they have a fun time they would likely favorite the server and come back more often.


We can easily set up a community night schedule on forums and people would be able to say if they will be participating or not. Maybe we could throw in some kind of reward/gift for those that participate?



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I’m always up to have server night, if you need a staff to run any of they Gmod stuff you can get me 

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I can participate in these once I get everything straightened out in my personal life.

You can also message me to get these things hosted as well..

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grinding wizard101 dungeons



but yeah that seems like a reasonable idea

Edited by James

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great idea +1

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sorry only play fortnite and watch ninja, dont have time for anything else.

Image result for ninja 

Over and out,


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