While we wait for Custom to get revamped and be presented as an all new server, I decided it would be a good idea to get an event going on that will get the population rolling again and everyone's spirits back into GMOD TTT #2. As the Title implies, it will be a Deagle battle, or Deagle showdown, player versus player. It will be a best of three rounds. Rules, time, and other pertinent information is listed down below: DATE: Saturday, May 26th, 2018 (Can be changed if there are issues for attendance) TIME: 6:00 PM EST (Time Converter) Map: ttt_minecraft_b5 (Link to map) RULES 1. You may not use any weapon other than the Deagle. If one is unavailable, it will be provided. 2. Use of grenades, Crowbar pushing, or other Map advantage is not allowed. If a player falls or burns by themselves, that's on them. 3. You may not use Traitor or Detective powers to an advantage.  4. Double jump, playermodels, and any other accessories MUST be disabled. 5. Obviously, do not use any cheat clients. 6. You may not go run away to get ammo. Use what you have wisely. 7. Headshot only! (For it to count) 8. You must be in the TTT #2 Teamspeak Channel for the duration of the event. 9. Do not interfere in ANY other players rounds. *WARNING: FAILURE TO ADHERE TO RULES WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION!* PRIZES: 1st Place: Custom Tag, 50000 PS Points, Custom Accessory or Playermodel 2nd Place: Custom Tag, 75000 PS Points 3rd Place: 50000 PS Points All participants get 5000 PS Points for Participating! PARTICIPANT LIST: --- Special thanks to @Dark and @Esbelto for allowing me to host this event. If there any questions or concerns, please post them below. Use the following format to sign up: In-Game Name: Steam ID: Happy Deaging!