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1v1 Server Change Log

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This thread will be used to log changes to the server such as addition/removal of maps and addition/removal of plugins.

removed map am_shoji

disabled the gloves plugin to reduce the connection time to the server.

added maps am_inferno_banana ,am_market, am_carcrash, am_loot
added a plugin allowing admins to move afk players to the spectator slot (sm_afk <playername>

Removed pistols from awp rounds


Added 7 new maps

Added Scout Rounds
Added Knife Rounds
Added Negev Rounds

Removed map am_reactor as it wasn't letting anyone connect
Added Deagle Rounds

Removed map am_carcrash due to being sucky

Added Headshot only rounds
Added Deagle Headshot only rounds
Added No Scope Rounds

Added Revolver rounds

Added a plugin that allows players to mute another player by typing !sm into chat. This only mutes them for the player that typed the command.


Added map am_banana (Thanks @DigidyDOG )
Removed map am_inerno_banana_dolnma (no more annoying chicken sounds)

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- A new advertisements plugin has been added and the old one removed. (Still need to configure and add in advertisements)
- 4 new round types have been added : Zeus, P90, Nova, and Mag7
- Scores will not track until 4 people are in the server, encouraging those in the server to invite more.

I am going to be doing more fine tuning to the scoring system. If you have any suggestions/input you can message me on forums, discord, or steam

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Updated the scoring system to enable mysql logging and a few minor tweaks to the point system(thanks for notifying me @NaisA-. Not sure if i did it right though) Unfortunately this reset the scores...........so sorry to everyone.

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Added maps am_minecraft and am_breakout

Added @Sky and @|AX| as moderators

Configured and added in advertisements for the server(more to be added)

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Posted (edited)


Disabled aimbot detection due to false bans being given out to players.


Added a plugin where players can report someone by type !call or /call. They can select a variety of reasons to report. If an admin is not on the server, they will get a steam messaged regarding the report. They can join the game by clicking an invite link in the report message.

Edited by eZ^

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@Sky and @IAXI have been promoted to admin

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Posted (edited)



-Fixed an error causing half of the advertisements to not load

-Updated advertisements: added some color supported advertisements that will show up in the hint box.

-Added an unban appeal link to show to banned players when they try to reconnect to the server

-cleaned up false/troll bans from sourcebans

Edited by eZ^
I did more work

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Posted (edited)



- @IAXI has been demoted. (Late on the changelog)

- Pointshop has been added. (thanks @Headline I love you)

(!shop in order to buy custom tags)

Edited by eZ^

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-Added more tags to the shop

-Players can now vote to extend the current map by 5 minutes. only 1 extension is allowed per map

-map votes/percentages will now show up in the hint box when voting for the next map begins.

Edited by eZ^

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