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Found 1 result

  1. Just a heads up I'm not resigning from TS3 Mod, only. Oh boy the day has come that everyone expected. Yes I am resigning from Forum Mod. Ever since the new forums released, I have not been as active or as willing to come on and post, nonetheless staff on here. I don't have anything against the new forums, I just don't feel as encouraged to come on anymore. I'm not going to be completely inactive from forums, I will occasionally be on here and there. I'm trying to get more time on TeamSpeak however, which I will be spending most of my time while in this community. Who knows, I'll probably end up staffing on another AG server like in the past. Anyways just wanted to say my goodbyes as a Forum Mod, hope you all have a good day. P.S. Happy Mother's Day -Brontes (Brontitties)