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What's Happening
  • Congratulations to our R6 Team for making it into IEG! Their first match is on Friday, go support them!
  • We're taking the community in a whole new direction. Go join a Division, make a team with some friends and participate/compete within your Division for prizes!
  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!
  • 1v1 Arenas | Server Rules

    No Hateful Speech
    Absolutely no racial slurs over mic or through chat. This includes in your name. Warnings will not be given.
    Stop Cheating!
    This is a server where you really get to prove your skill 1 on 1 versus other players. Any exploits, including cheats, scripts, mods and map exploits will lead to a ban.
    Don't Spam
    We do not appreciate the use of soundboards, voice tearing and other mic spam that may happen. Music may only be played after an admin passes a vote 75% or higher.
    Absolutely Zero Advertising
    Having a twitch name is fine, but posting another community or short link is not. Don't. Our admins are uptight and will ban you for this offense.
    Don't Impersonate a Staff Member
    If you're not staff, don't pretend to be one. That includes using a staff members' name, having a staff name prefix or threatening other players with kick/bans. 
    Admins Have Final Say
    At the end of the day, we want you to have fun and be competitive about it. Don't make the server a toxic environment for anyone, including yourself. Our staff do their best to keep the server healthy so what they say is final. If you have a dispute with an admin, please submit an abuse claim on our forums.
    These rules are to be upheld and you agree to these rules upon entering the server.