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  1. Headline

    Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

    This right here is definitely his best song. Talks about knowing god exists and knowing "whats on the other side of that door"
  2. Headline

    [CS:GO Staff Application] [:^Sh@rK^:]

    Lets see it Accepted as Head Admin, if you accept the position. Otherwise, you may have admin instead.
  3. Headline

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

  4. Headline

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Just as Kina said above me, if this is true then they should at least be barred from being staff for a year or something. I don't see the problem if they're a normal player.
  5. Headline

    Donation System Update

    I did my best to grandfather in most things, but as far as gmod stuff goes your perks shouldn't be lost. Can you pm me details about that?
  6. Headline

    Donation System Update

    This comment intrigues me, as there really was no old donation system. If I'm wrong, what'd you like about that system more?
  7. Hello everyone As the implementation of the donation system comes to an end, I'd like to inform everyone about how it works and talk specifics. As you can see, the Donation tab on forums leads you to type in your steam account, and then allows you to choose between two packages. The details of what's given for these two packages is also displayed on this page but I'd like to elaborate. Supporter Custom [Supporter] tag on all cs:go servers Supporter role on forums Supporter role on discord (access to private chats, private lounges, and listed above normal users) VIP [VIP] tag on all CS:GO servers Reserved Slot on all CS:GO servers VIP role on forums VIP role on discord (supporter benefits but with a VIP chat, listed above supporters, and a custom role) Server-specific VIP features These are the two "base packages" which should have meaning across all of our community, but server managers are welcome to coordinate custom donation options which are specific to their server. Those server managers should get in contact with me to discuss logistics. The two base packages are automated for cs:go & discord, meaning the role is automatically assigned after the transaction goes through. gmod automation is possible to be created in the future, and we're working on that, but for now gmod donations will have to be manual. For discord perks to be work, you must grab your discord User ID and place it in your forums profile, details about how to do this can be viewed here. The listed price for VIP & Supporter are yearly and obviously all donation money goes directly to server costs. If you'd like to help us through this year please consider donating. We're working hard to get more packages on the site, and I will open these comments to more suggestions to help us as a community decide what we should focus on donations wise. I'd like to thank @NaisA- for working to get this system online, and for @Kurama Koukla for helping me with the discord side of things. -Headline
  8. Headline

    [Blacklist Request] [RoN] [Disrespect Harassment]

    Thank you for taking the time to make this blacklist request. This request has been Approved!
  9. Called syd a dyke in her own channel. Is retard. Should be blacklisted
  10. Headline

    Locked channels

    Definitely a solid improvement.
  11. Headline

    New chat for artists

    Maybe you don't understand: there's no need to limit it to certain people.
  12. Headline

    New chat for artists

    Everyone should be able to view it. If someone is proud of something they've made, they should be able to show it off to everyone. If we have a million channels, what's one more.
  13. Headline

    Art commissions for the community!

    Characters Name: me Hair color: black/brown? Skin color: u know Eye color: blue Hair length: u know Accessories: no Clothing: idk Additional comments: ty Will +rep your posts for a week
  14. Headline

    What's your Favorite CG Memory?

    Definitely this
  15. Headline

    [Ban Request][Discord][Xero]

    Has he engaged you since then?