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  1. [Blacklist Request] [RoN] [Disrespect Harassment]

    Thank you for taking the time to make this blacklist request. This request has been Approved!
  2. Called syd a dyke in her own channel. Is retard. Should be blacklisted
  3. Locked channels

    Definitely a solid improvement.
  4. New chat for artists

    Maybe you don't understand: there's no need to limit it to certain people.
  5. New chat for artists

    Everyone should be able to view it. If someone is proud of something they've made, they should be able to show it off to everyone. If we have a million channels, what's one more.
  6. 1v1 CSGO Event!

    I'll be there
  7. Art commissions for the community!

    Characters Name: me Hair color: black/brown? Skin color: u know Eye color: blue Hair length: u know Accessories: no Clothing: idk Additional comments: ty Will +rep your posts for a week
  8. What's your Favorite CG Memory?

    Definitely this
  9. [Ban Request][Discord][Xero]

    Has he engaged you since then?
  10. [Ban Request][Discord][Xero]

    For the record, I unbanned Xero after a day (I think it was a day?) because we had a talk about the situation. We discussed how he wouldn’t engage Ellie, and that we’d let this entire situation blow over. Knowing Xero for all these years, I am confident in his ability to not engage Ellie so that’s why I made the decision to unban him. In regards to Ellie being upset with the situation: As I told her in Discord, not a single audio clip that night was directed at her or self-harm, but rather the fact that Ellie is yelling at Xero and the conversation is heated. She acknowledges the fact that this is funny, which really telling that she understands the entire meme. Her feelings are justified, but she honestly thinks that she can understand this entire situation with ZERO context, which is impossible.