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Mr. Richard Cranium

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  1. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Where tf did my account go? Artillery

    AG and CG merged. This is a whole new website and every single person had to create a new account. Welcome back!
  2. Mr. Richard Cranium


  3. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Kurama Koukla's Resignation

    Thanks for all of your work.
  4. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Quittrying introduction

    Welcome back
  5. Mr. Richard Cranium

    hi xd

    Hello there.
  6. Mr. Richard Cranium

    I'm Turning 21

    Get drunk... duh
  7. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Aye I’m back

    Welcome back man!
  8. Mr. Richard Cranium

    unblock me from the shoutbox

    Saying the servers are dead and that’s why nobody wants to donate to them is not belittling or degrading in itself. It is simply stating facts. Now if he has been doing other things I’ve missed then I could understand a ban but I haven’t seen him really doing much, forum wise that is.
  9. Mr. Richard Cranium

    unblock me from the shoutbox

    What the actual fuck? Is there more to this story? If he got muted because of his comment about "dead servers" then that is messed up.
  10. Mr. Richard Cranium


    I’m not taking sides here but if you want punishment you will need to provide proof such as screenshots of conversations you had with him, any witnesses to this, etc., etc.
  11. Mr. Richard Cranium


    Why hello there good fella
  12. Mr. Richard Cranium

    whats going on people

    Welcome back!
  13. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Give us our retired back

    What are you taking on? Lol
  14. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Give us our retired back

    Hook me up with that award :)
  15. Mr. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday DeathLock!!

    Happy Birthday to an outstanding member of the community! May all of your wishes come true, @DeathLock