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  1. Hotshotmink

    F I'm going to miss him. He was an awesome guy and made me laugh. Had good times playing games with him and drules. Wasn't in touch with him for the last couple months; probably because of his condition. Much respect, and I hope he rests peacefully, thanks for the good times, Rest in peace.
  2. [Gmod Staff Application] [Merples]

    +1 Really recommend for staff. He Is really active on discord and helps me populate the servers. He has made me laugh so much and I had pretty good times playing games with him.
  3. Aye I’m back

    welcome back stuart. Hit me up for some rainbow six unless you dont do pc anymore. Anyway, glad you are back!!!
  4. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Amelioration]

    +1 Ruben would be such a great addition to gmod staff. He is very active and gets on the server when it needs a boost of players. Often pops in Voice chat on discord to talk and play games with others in our community. Overall he is an Awesome person ,and it would be great to have him as gmod staff.
  5. New chat for artists

    +1 Usually artworks get lost in the pile of shit posts in #media.
  6. [GMOD Staff Application][Lennox]

    Neutral Although, more staff would be nice, it can also be a problem. More staff members that are inactive can be a problem because its almost as if they were never accepted in the first place. I personally have not seen you on either server. (unless you use a different steam name) Get more hours on the server. At least 12. And I may or may not change this to a +1
  7. Flenagan Staff App Gmod

    +1 More staff members are needed especially now that its summer and the server is starting to populate. Flen has always been a great staff member before he resigned. His activity has only been recent but i'm pretty sure it wont be a problem now that Gmod TTT, specifically Semi-Vanilla, has more player activity.
  8. [Forum Staff Application][Crow]

    +1 Saved me in Fortnite
  9. -1 Koukla has been just in most of her actions, and a demote request is really unnecessary. The targetting is not unjust as you've previously have been warned and muted for valid reasons, the rest is simply the unfortunate outcome of having a bad reputation with staff on discord, because most of the attention has been shifted towards you. Most of your comments are just inciting. Jokes are taken differently by everyone, tough luck. Criticism comes a long way, most of what you post is negative and not useful, so I see how it would be considered "harassment" especially if its said through an image that was sent multiple times. Haven't seen any biased treatment from Koukla. Its the Internet, have fun, do what you want (Punishments included) hate it? love it? doesn't matter. Find something better to do.
  10. Talking About Random Shit #4

    Ouija-esk games are fake, You will never actually communicate with "spirits". But if you do call upon any "spirits" Its probably a demon (in my opinion; widely considered a fact) with or without a board or cards. The board is what attracts demons because they preemptively cause unnecessary stress and fear. Usually if I ever play one, best thing to do is go in with no fear or distress, and be the demon instead by fucking around with your friends. xD That shit sounds spooky as fuck though. I would scream too.
  11. baby raccoon name ideas

    Tanuki, Bandit, Lifty, Rigby, Ozy or Millie (if somehow its a girl), Comet, Teemo, Rabies, or Azeban.
  12. Talking About Random Shit #4

    I woke up early one morning on a Saturday, and I did not have much to do so I decided to watch TV in my grandma's room. My grandma always loved collecting dolls; one of the dolls she had stood out the most because of its Victorian Era dress it had on. So, as I was watching Tom & Jerry, the doll was in my line of sight slightly to the left of the TV. I could not help to look at it every once in a while but only in quick glances. An hour or so goes by and I start to catch myself staring at the doll more than I should. It was almost as if the doll was luring my attention towards it. After a few minutes I start glaring at it profusely and I would stare at it longer than I did at the beginning. I felt disturbed. My heart began to race for no reason and my mind felt cloudy. Almost as if the doll was slowly taking my soul little by little. Finally, I lost all attention from the TV and I stared at the doll directly in the eyes. This went on for a minute or so. As I was staring at it I began to notice something strange. The eyes. They were getting much dimmer. They eyes began to slowly turn black from the pupil outward until its eyes became pitch black. At this point I felt my heart instantly stop. I could no longer see the doll's eyes and in an instant the doll let out a violent scream. It kept screaming. And screaming, My heart turned cold as the event became horridly impossible not to stare at. After a few seconds the doll stopped. No black eyes. No screaming. No life. And I laid there in my grandmother's bed unable to move. I was struck with fear. I kept telling my self to move. But I could not. I kept encouraging myself to move but I just laid still unable to move a single muscle. As I could not think of any other way to move I had the idea to call my mother in the room next to my grandmother's. I said "mom, Please get over here" or so I thought I said. My voice was constricted. I could not let out a single whisper. I could no longer bare the pain in my throat, and so I began to move. After realizing that I was released from this paralyzed state I ran to my mother's room and began to tell her about what had just happen. I was so scared that I stuttered every word as I described the horrifying event. She did not believe me. Not a single word. Instead she went back to sleep and left me standing with no help at all. I just walked my hallway to my room. Laid in bed, and ended my story with a memory that will never be forgotten.
  13. Remove/Revise Rule 14

    +1 on that ^ . kinda getting ridiculous.
  14. [Ban Appeal] [TeamSpeak3] [SnoopDoge]

    And if irl is more important then the ban should not really matter, and this ban appeal should not have been made.