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Michael Rosen

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  1. Michael Rosen

    I'm Turning 21

    Go to Las Vegas Strip and walk down the street and stop at every bar and order exactly 4 shots of Vodka or Tequilla and hopefully wake up in your hotel
  2. Michael Rosen

    Talking About Random Shit #13

    although this thread is dead, I will ask, what is your worst story as a result from drinking I never remember what happens when I drink How bout ya'll?
  3. Michael Rosen

    Unveiling our Rainbow Six | Siege Team

    go team go! bring back the trophy
  4. Michael Rosen

    Talking about Random Shit #12

    anyway one time I was driving and then I jumped out and managed to hit the moon before Piccolo blew it up
  5. Michael Rosen

    Talking about Random Shit #12

    hey I was gonna post thursday
  6. Michael Rosen

    4000th post

    wow this is a milestone
  7. Michael Rosen

    Games to play

  8. Michael Rosen

    Talking About Random Shit #11

    What is the best/worst advice you've ever gotten? Can be from a celebrity or someone personal Best: You miss 100% of shots you do not take Worst: If there is a 98% of you getting hurt, there is a 100% chance of you looking cool How bout ya'll
  9. Michael Rosen

    Need the community's thoughts

    Saying what's better, tits or ass is like saying what's better, coke or pepsi, we have a preference but wouldn't mind one or the other
  10. Michael Rosen

    Need the community's thoughts

    What about personality?
  11. Michael Rosen

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    so what if someone joined another community, that doesnt mean they should be blacklisted
  12. Michael Rosen

    Talking About Random Shit #10

    I've already asked this but there are new people on and it was on the old website. But what is your favorite TV show? I love Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead, those are my two favorite shows, but of all time, is Spartacus. How bout ya'll
  13. Michael Rosen

    TTT Custom Suggestion Thread

    I got this one map that is a minecraft map called Cruiseship, it's very fun, it has a helicopter that some people can board and tour the map, which traitors could definitely use to snipe and stuff, also it has a dildo that a traitor can explode
  14. Michael Rosen

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

    Merples to You: Would you ever suck a dick? Case closed
  15. Michael Rosen

    Smash Bros Hype Train

    this is true, Melee and Brawl the 2 best