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Michael Rosen

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  1. Michael Rosen

    What do you use for your gaming setup?

    the forums are dead, but all I have is a default acer monitor, my computer is pretty standard except for a gtx 980
  2. Michael Rosen

    sawilson is back! But...

  3. Michael Rosen

    Grill Advice (Seriously)

    coupled with all the lying, she exceeds 3 strikes, get her out of your life, she's a snake, you don't wanna be a victim of a snake
  4. Michael Rosen

    Fully Custom TTT Server ?

    It's easier said than done, even if we got the TTT servers back up, it would be a whole nother clusterfuck to get them active and dont think anyone wants to go through that trouble again, I would definitely wanna play on one tho
  5. Michael Rosen

    Talking About Random Shit #15

    Bored, idk what to talk about, what do ye few people still active wanna talk about?
  6. Michael Rosen

    Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

    Yea I remember I first got introduced to him watching his TV show and to me it was the embodiment of the American Dream and even sort of inspired me to start MMA, I loved his songs especially the ones from Good Morning, it's a shame that such talent goes to waste
  7. Michael Rosen

    uh hi i guess

    welcome back
  8. Michael Rosen

    RIP Eminem <\3

    It was a good diss but Em is probably gonna destroy him soon tbh, besides MGK will never have anything on him
  9. Michael Rosen

    The Future of the Community

    My opinion does not matter but I do think a major change is needed, and hopefully this works, if not, then all we have to do is come up with new ideas until it works.
  10. Michael Rosen

    RIP Stefán Karl Stefánsson

    RIP, a good man, a funny meme, but overall a special place in all of our hearts.
  11. Michael Rosen

    Talking About Random Shit #14

    What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Too many to count How bout ya'll?
  12. Michael Rosen

    Favorite Song?

    Judas by Fozzy is my favorite song, but rap is my favorite genre
  13. Michael Rosen


    also there are no surfboards 😕
  14. Michael Rosen

    Decent anime list! Check it Out!!

    if nobody has watched Death Note it is in my opinion one of the greatest things off all time, I barely ever watch anime and I've never regretted watching that Death Note FMA: Brotherhood Eden in the East Attack on Titan(everyone knows what this is)
  15. Michael Rosen

    Kurama Koukla's Resignation

    Thx for your work, sad to see you leave, hope you have good luck in whatever you want to do in the future