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  1. Wizard 101

    update: just got membership, gonna go clean up my quest log
  2. Community Nights

    grinding wizard101 dungeons but yeah that seems like a reasonable idea
  3. Wizard 101

    just recovered my main account and im wondering if anyone here still plays it one of the best mmos of our generation
  4. Talking About Random Shit #9

    i've never had a gf so i can't say 4Head
  5. Hotshotmink

    a twist indeed
  6. Training for the Battle of the Communities

    this'll work for me
  7. Locked channels

    so i can still hide myself from the weebs perfect
  8. Wowo

    if you're so adamant that sobe stole from you, you would have no problem explaining, no? i don't see why you wouldn't want to explain why this didn't pop up sooner... unless it's a lie
  9. CSGO Surf

    bet you can't even beat kitsune
  10. Wowo

    you're an absolute brainlet if you give someone a skin "to use for a bit" if you don't take something equally or more valuable. this is all your fault bud who are you?
  11. Training for the Battle of the Communities

    est any day past 4pm
  12. CSGO Surf

    thank mr headline and mr karisma
  13. Steam Name: aurora Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:162278039 Which Charity: extra-life.org helps out children who are currently in Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through the shared experience of gaming, which would seem the most fitting as we are a gaming community. CSGO Rank: MGE (but i'm totally a lot better than that i swear)