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  1. Fortnite

  2. I guess I'm back

    welcome back bro
  3. Talking About Random Shit #5

    pretty sure it's about mexico winning a war or something, idk google it
  4. You Know Who I Am.

    Welcome back.
  5. [Demote Request][Forums][SnoopDoge]

    Tater's been a longtime member of the community, she was in Allied-Gamers before a lot of us were. Considering her account was registered last Thursday (March 29th) I don't think she made a forums account with the sole purpose of replying to this thread.
  6. Winner of the day

    @GoobNitro let's change the award name to shitposter of the day
  7. Philip is back-ish

    I don't remember, but welcome back bud.
  8. http://allied-gaming.com/threads/karma-system-revival-forums.23549/page-2#post-273051
  9. Donated but missing owner?

    say no more
  10. Pineapple Tag Application

    only the chosen ones may receive the highly-esteemed tag of pineapple.
  11. How'd You Get Your Username?

    when i first came to AG, a dude by the name of spyder helped me choose my name. ended up with captainpigeon and stuck with it until i got demoted 4 times for abuse, so i figured it was time to change things up so i came up with jacobthepigeon and stuck with it ever since. now they gave me root so i can abuse all of you without getting demoted ecksdee
  12. hey there partner

    syd the squid