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  • Congratulations to our R6 Team for making it into IEG! Their first match is on Friday, go support them!
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  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!


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  1. Cool! Hope you guys do great.
  2. Prototype

    Wizard 101

    Vex and I play. He's lvl 125 life, I'm level 81 fire. What is your acc level?
  3. Prototype


    I should have posted this earlier; I was being an ass, sorry boys. Feel free to add me, I'd love to squad with anyone. https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/pc/Tadd_B
  4. Prototype

    Talking About Random Shit #6

    By server I assume you meant community, I think I'm approaching 8 years. So, yeah. This has had a massive impact on my life. It's been great, though I haven't been too active recently, I still enjoy being apart of it.
  5. Prototype

    Share Your Music Thread

    I haven't followed them for awhile, is this new at all?
  6. Prototype


    Can you just stop posting things that don't relate to the thread my guy
  7. Prototype


    Yeah, I explained why. They aren't good because of battlepass challenges. Anyone that has played with me knows I definitely do not need a carry, you fucking donut.
  8. Prototype

    lookin for some e-pussy

  9. Prototype

    Big Thank You!

    That's pretty cool, nice. Congratulations.
  10. Prototype


    MY K.D started at like 6.25 for the first week of the season with around 20% winrate or so, then I did the battle pass challenges and.........the rest is history
  11. Prototype


  12. Prototype


    So I'm tryna find people that are actually good at the game that I can squad with to level up quicker. You gotta have the battle pass so we get the XP boost. I'm at season level 35, battle pass 41. Trying to grind that season level up while challenges are down. 1. Must have battle pass 2. No offense but if you aren't good I don't wanna play with you. Wins give more XP, and kills do the same. It's just easier to level that way. I'm not asking to be carried, I can more than handle my own. I just want to play with people who can share the XP bonus. Leave your names here.
  13. Prototype

    [Forum Staff Application][kekbun]

    w4bbit as Forum Mod +1 but only if she doesn't turn into Miss Grouch And you're only 17? The fuck?
  14. Prototype

    Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    Feels fucking bad man. Don't be a stranger, dude.
  15. Prototype

    Bully Hunt3rs

    Why the hell would anyone actually make this?