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  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!


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  1. Cute_eBoy

    Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

    "no disrespect" proceeds to disrespect him. you do realize what a thug is right? just cause hes tattooed all over his arms and body doesnt make him a thug. just cause he makes rap music doesnt make him a thug. a thug is a violent person. you think he was trying to be a violent person? a criminal? get the fuck outta here with that disrespect its not needed. if you dont got anything nice to say dont say.
  2. Cute_eBoy

    [Forum Staff App][Cute_eBoy]

    I'd still appreciate more feedback. 🙂
  3. Cute_eBoy

    PC gaming me Funny

    i think the dude is tryna flex on us
  4. Cute_eBoy

    Lucidious Resigning

    @Lucidious Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into the surf server. Hopefully your IRL issues get sorted out soon.
  5. Cute_eBoy

    Intro :)

    hey dad ive missed you
  6. Cute_eBoy

    uh hi i guess

    what up dude hows it going?
  7. Cute_eBoy

    Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

    RIP Mac. Never listened to his music other than songs he was featured on.
  8. Cute_eBoy

    [Forum Staff App][Cute_eBoy]

    I'd appreciate more feedback 🙂
  9. Cute_eBoy

    Possible League of Legends 5v5 event?

    +1, sounds like a great idea to get some new members into the community. we could also have a tournament thats 5 v 5 on summoners rift using builds from https://ultimate-bravery.net/.
  10. Cute_eBoy

    [Forum Staff App][Cute_eBoy]

    Age: 17 TimeZone: Central Recommended By: No one Previous Staff Experience (Explain in detail): Old AG: Gmod Semi Vanilla TTT Admin, CSGO Surf Admin. CG: Forum Mod, CSGO TTT, JB, and Surf Admin. Gmod TTT Admin. Current AG: Discord Mod How Often Do You Use Forums: On the daily How Often Do You Use Our Discord Or Teamspeak 3: I'm active on discord everyday Why Do You Want To Become Staff: Honestly, I care about this community a ton even if sometimes I don't show it. I want to help make the forums a great place to be. As well as help get new members to join. Rules You Believe are Most Broken on Forums: Necro Posting and Irrelevant to Discussion Posts Are You Willing to Host Events: Yes If Accepted, What Do You Believe Your Impact Will Be: My impact is most likely going to be small.
  11. Cute_eBoy

    RIP Eminem <\3

    too bad em fell off pretty hard. kamikaze wasnt even that great of an album
  12. Cute_eBoy

    The Future of the Community

    Dudes just a big ole troll tryna think hes being funny by being racist. Just ignore him.
  13. Cute_eBoy

    Drules discord staff app part 2

    +1 cause this guy let me use his hulu acc to watch bobs burgers. hes also pretty friendly and chill.
  14. Cute_eBoy

    Home Button

    +1, i agree. its not needed at all
  15. Cute_eBoy

    The Future of the Community

    I sure hope surf doesn't get taken down. You've worked insanely hard on the server to have it where it is today. It would honestly be a big fuck you from the owners if they shut it down for good.