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  1. What's cracking?

    cg bhop welcome to ag my dude
  2. [GMOD Staff Application][Lennox]

    +1, the server needs staff asap.
  3. Talking About Random Shit #6

    uh like 3 or 4 years
  4. lookin for some e-pussy

    i got that cute boy pussy right here babe
  5. Big Thank You!

    congrats on the twitch affiliate
  6. The Trap Of CG

    welcome to cg my dude
  7. I guess I'm back

    welcome back dude its been a long time
  8. Give us our retired back

    +1 they worked hard, so they should have it
  9. Happy birthday Headline!

    Happy Birthday, Teddy!
  10. rip s4mple 2k18

    thanks for all your hard work dude. have a good one
  11. Brontes' Forum Mod Resignation

    thanks for all ur hard work my dude
  12. Colors on Forums

    thats a low saturated teal
  13. Colors on Forums

    its more blue than purple therefore its blue
  14. Colors on Forums

    forum admin, forum mod, and overseer are all blue
  15. Colors on Forums

    there are 3 blue ranks and only 1 green one.