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  1. Strekki

    This is why..

    Anything for you eZ
  2. Strekki

    This is why..

    Man don't worry about being active and don't feel like you have to apologize for not being able to be on. You're the most important when it comes to you. I hope everything gets better for you in your household and I hope the passing away of your friend doesn't stick to your mind for too long because they'd want you to move on and be happy. Also congrats on the job dude, IT is always fun for me until I get asked to "repair" the printer 400 times for the same exact problems, don't get involved with printers at your job because it'll haunt you until you leave.
  3. Strekki

    I'm Turning 21

    Congratulations on your promotion Sawilson, it's crazy to see how far you've come from being 13 man, here's to another 5 years!
  4. Strekki


    Well we're glad you're okay, hope everything gets cleared up with your ex :)
  5. Strekki

    lookin for some e-pussy

    We only have guys that act like girls and guys, sorry dude
  6. Strekki


  7. Strekki

    I guess I'm back

    Hey Merples welcome back bud, long time no see! :) I missed you, hopefully you stick around this time eh?
  8. Strekki

    Give us our retired back

    +1 I didn't spend no god damn 1,000 hours on TTT2 for no pay AND no rank
  9. Strekki

    144hz monitor

    Mine came with an HDMI 1.3 and it wasn't enough, I'm not sure about 1.4, but the one Kina listed is nice as hell and who doesn't like the color red
  10. Strekki

    [Forum App][Krispy]

  11. Strekki

    144hz monitor

    HDMI usually can't stream that much data through it, it isn't powerful enough, but DisplayPort cables can do anything, and they're just more reliable and made for 144hz. My friend uses an HDMI for his 144hz monitor but I couldn't use one myself, and it took me a week to get the right cables in so I would make sure that you get it right the first time so you don't have to wait. :)
  12. Strekki

    144hz monitor

    https://www.amazon.com/VG248QE-1920x1080-144Hz-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B00B2HH7G0/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1526155600&sr=1-1&keywords=144hz+Monitor&refinements=p_89%3AAsus Here's the one that I've got, but honestly friendo you don't need 144hz, I would go for 120hz if they're cheaper, you can't really tell the different between the two, and it makes your graphics card work harder to render more frames. It's a win / win if you can find a cheaper 120hz. Here's another one, but it's curved :) https://www.amazon.com/Sceptre-C275B-144R-Monitor-1920x1080-DisplayPort/dp/B07BVW5TV5/ref=sr_1_19?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1526155695&sr=1-19&keywords=120hz+Monitor Also protip, if you don't like the ones posted here and you want to find your own, absolutely make sure that the monitor has a DisplayPort spot, and that your graphics card also has a DisplayPort spot, or else you'll have to use Dual D-VID cables which isn't bad but it doesn't feel as modern. Good luck!
  13. Strekki

    Colors on Forums

    I miss the old colors honestly, but I don't exactly like the current ones, I feel like no matter how many times I see Head Admin I can never remember what role it is, Server Moderator and Server Admin are like exact opposite colors of what they usually are, and the Forum Moderator color looks like the old Teamspeak Staff color so I always get them mixed up. I COULD get accustomed to the new colors but, I'd rather change them to make more sense before I memorize them. TL;DR +1 change the colors
  14. Strekki

    "News" page

    @UHabit You're Root, can you please fix this mans problem, he needs assistance and I believe he deserves better.