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  1. Han'na-Hiru

    uh hi i guess

    Hello and welcome back!
  2. Han'na-Hiru


    The only mmorpg I really actively play is Final Fantasy XIV. Spend most of my time on there working on getting all my non crafting/gathering classes to 70.
  3. Han'na-Hiru

    Decent anime list! Check it Out!!

    I'm also currently watching Boku no Hero Academia, I'm enjoying it. I'll leave a couple of my favourite anime series here. Darling in the FranXX Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Kill la Kill Gurren Lagann Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
  4. Han'na-Hiru

    I'm Turning 21

    You'll probably have to renew your driver's license on your birthday... That's always fun.
  5. Han'na-Hiru

    Wizard 101

    I stopped playing halfway through Khrysalis, so I'm a level like 105 balance on my main, the other 5 are mostly 60 I think.
  6. Han'na-Hiru

    Happy Birthday DeathLock!!

    Happy birthday!
  7. Han'na-Hiru

    Colors on Forums

    Thanks to the suggestions made by @Kurama Koukla and others, Asian and I decided to change the colors to what Koukla posted (except Head Admin, which we just made more orange) to be more of a coordinated rainbow :D Community Council Root Forum Administrator Forum Moderator Overseer Developer Event Manager Server Manager Head Admin Server Admin Server Moderator Discord Staff Teamspeak Staff Member
  8. Han'na-Hiru

    Colors on Forums

    This is how they'd look against the background. Community Council Root Forum Administrator Forum Moderator Overseer Developer Event Manager Server Manager Head Admin Server Admin Server Moderator Discord Staff Teamspeak Staff Member
  9. Han'na-Hiru

    Colors on Forums

    I'm not opposed to colors changing, but I don't wanna lose my pretty blue color for Forum Admin :c
  10. Han'na-Hiru

    [Forum Staff Application][Crow]

    +1 through my experience with Crow on the forums here, he's mature and understanding. If he's wrong he will explain why he thought a certain way and accept the fact that he was wrong. A really good candidate if you ask me.
  11. Han'na-Hiru

    Art commissions for the community!

    It's great, thank you! c:
  12. Han'na-Hiru

    Global Staff Talk

    I'm a little indifferent on the idea. Being a former SM, the idea of having staff members that can hop onto your server from another if something is happening, and that's a plus. But, global staff also means you and your head admin have less direct control over your staff. It'd be a little harder to control specifics, such as, what exact punishment goes to what, especially if the punishments vary slightly from one server to another. The only real problem I see is having a majority of a game's global staff play mainly on one server. Back when I was SM, I had activity requirements for my staff, which helped keep my server populated. I can understand asking a global staff leave their server to go to another to deal with an issue, but I don't believe they should have to leave their server to help populate another. The only solution I'm coming up with is having Moderator as server-based and Admin as global. The higher rank would come with higher responsibility. That way, if they just wish to help their server, they can stay as a Moderator, if they want to help more overall, they can go to Admin? I dunno, just food for thought.
  13. Han'na-Hiru

    1-Word Game

  14. Han'na-Hiru

    Art commissions for the community!

    Characters Name: Han'na Hair color: White or silver Skin color: White Eye color: Light blue Hair length: Moderate length with bangs Accessories: None Clothing: Hoodie Additional comments: Is a loli catgirl possible? Also thank you <3
  15. Han'na-Hiru

    King Ross

    Welcome to the new forums, King Ross