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  1. What's cracking?

    Welcome Back!
  2. [GMOD Staff Application][Lennox]

    Even with 6 hours i would still suggest way more, the old requirement was at least a day but i still feel that's short. How do you know you will stay active? How do you know you wont get tired of the server like many? How do you know if you will be active on Ts3 and Discord?, i think it would good to give it more time and reapply later on
  3. [GMOD Staff Application][Lennox]

    Neutral Score: 194 Minutes Played: 96 You only have 194 score which i can easily get in an hour even less and not even 2 hours on the server, i suggest increasing activity on the server and getting to know the regulars, i honestly don't even know who you are.
  4. lookin for some e-pussy

    Why get e-pussy when you can get real pussy
  5. The Trap Of CG

    This the CG version of Drules?
  6. I guess I'm back

    Welcome back! Feel free to message me on anything if you need anything.
  7. Give us our retired back

    This i agree with this
  8. GMOD TTT #2 Deagle Showdown

    I’ll be there if work doesn’t interfere
  9. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Pingu]

    Bump just stay active kiddo
  10. [Forum Staff Application][Bunyip]

    Applications are currently closed and you aren’t very active <3
  11. Happy birthday Headline!

    Happy Birthday
  12. rip s4mple 2k18

    Going to miss you a lot better make sure you still talk to everyone, one of my favorite people in the community and a great friend. Don’t worry I’ll continue your legacy on TTT rocking the penguin pfp <3 (I think everyone should join me in rocking the penguin pfp on steam)
  13. Brontes' Forum Mod Resignation

    Thank you for the work bb <3
  14. Big oooo thanks to Headline

    Bless that’s what I like to see.
  15. Resignation

    Thank you for all your work!