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  1. TTT Custom Suggestion Thread

    Adding. I'm holding off on custom SWEPs for gmod pointshop atm, stand by soldier. I need eyebleach, maybe, I'll look into the PM to see if the hitboxes work.
  2. Hey guys! Esbelto here, suggest what you would love to see in the server! Please keep file sizes small and follow this format, I'll look through and tell you why I will or will not add such addons in the server. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Addon name: Link to addon on workshop: Filesize of addon: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy suggesting!
  3. Wowo

    im glad it took me 10 minutes of my life i will never get back to read such a pointless thread
  4. TTT Custom Change Log

    ~New permanent mini-game introduction~ -Gay fuck boy friday- https://gyazo.com/514ec32a5901872306026ea3334a5c1d Two new weapons... - Drilldo -Dildo Drilldo is and does 2 dmg per second and is equippable in secondary slot. Dildo does 5 damage per hit and is equippable in primary slot. The catch... It only does damage on friday, the objective and rules play as this. Both these weapons spawn actively around the map with other weapons. This game mode is always active, its a mini-game more of... the rules... If you can kill me with one of these weapons under these conditions... 1. I must NOT be AFK 2. I must be a traitor 3. It must be a valid kill, RDM'ing will exclude you from the game mode for that kill. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What happens if I kill you with the weapon? A: If you kill me with ONE of the weapons, I will buy you a 30$ game, for FREE, if you save that prize and kill me with the opposite weapon, I'll bump it up to a 60$ game and throw a month of free VIP on it as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'll be getting drunk and finishing up the barebones server as is for this weekend, most likely after I get released tommorrow I'll hit up some vodka, do a few more edits, and then I'll open the server if anyone cares to join. The money for the games are coming straight out of my pocket. Anyways, just a little update, enjoy!
  5. A chair that doesn't wanna kill you

    Just buy a normal office chair, gaming chairs do nothing for you except be there for the looks.
  6. Rules: * Do not RDM – proof is needed to kill or damage another player. * Killing on suspicion is not allowed. * Prop pushing and killing is allowed as long as its not RDM. * Prop surfing is KOSable. * Claiming areas is allowed ONLY during overtime. Traitors may not claim areas. - Edited * Camping an area for more than 1 minute is not allowed and is slayable unless area is claimed. (edited) * Goomba stomping is allowed as long as it's not RDM. * Door blockers must be given 3 warnings to move before shooting. * Do not harm AFKs until overtime, or let a staff member handle them. * Give a person a reasonable amount of time to ID a body before killing them. * Do not exploit the map. * Delaying the round as any role may result in a slay. * Do not target staff/players with HARASSMENT. * Use a readable name, at least 3 characters from A-Z and 0-9. * No sexism, or racism. * Do not harass other players. Roasting is fine til told to stop by said player being roasted. * Do not advertise other servers. * Hacks/Scripts of any kind are not allowed. * Overusing mics may result in a gag. * English only – it is essential for communication. * Do not impersonate staff. * Porn/Gore/Shock and generally disturbing sprays are not allowed. * Traitor baiting is KOSable. Doing so on purpose to lower karma can lean towards slays, kick, then ban. Traitors: * Traitors may not hint or give away their teammates unless other T buddy agrees. * Traitors must call out traps in team chat, verbal or written. * Traitors may not damage other traitors purposefully, unless coordinated with your teammates. * Traitors may not camp in the traitor room. After 30 seconds you will be warned, 30 seconds after the warning you will be slain. Detectives: * Only detectives may force test a player after 3 sufficiently timed warnings, verbal or in chat. If the player refuses to test it may result in a KOS. You must be able to see a person to test them. * Innocent rules also apply to Detectives. KOSable: * Throwing incendiary grenades near players - even if it doesn't harm the players. * Throwing discombobulators where it can damage players (on a high ledge for example). * Walking by a visible unidentified body. Also applies to holding un-IDd bodies. * Equipping a Traitor weapon/equipment without announcing that you've got it. * Preventing the innocents and detectives from testing. * Traitor baiting - shooting at or near another player, can not KOS for shooting out the map, in the sky etc. * Damaging someone with a prop (Must be 5 or more HP). * Continuously prop pushing. * Falsely delcaring yourself proven. (Testing must be witnessed by at least 2 other players or 1 Detective.) * Destroying any Detective equipment(Visualizer, Healing station) or taking a recently dropped detective weapon off the ground after a Detective has warned not to. * You may use logic/process of elimination to determine who is a traitor. Logic does NOT override rules, here are some situations that you can use logic in: Having a Radar as Detective and you only see 1 radar circle up, meaning it's only you and the Traitor. Someone announcing they have a Traitor or Detective weapon without any T's or D's being ID etc. * Hiding or destroying bodies with DNA or evidence. * You can KOS a person for false KOSing you. * Going into a T room/Coming out of a T room. * You can live check at any time but you can only live check or KOS in overtime. Detectives do not have to reply to live checks. * Following someone is KOSable if 3 clear warnings (written or verbal) are giving with at least 2 seconds between each warning. * Shooting a sniper rifle from a distance. Map Specific KOS's: Destroying a T tester - for example on 67th Way. Non-KOSable: * You may not KOS a location. * You may not KOS a player looking near a traitor trap. * You may not KOS a player based on their appearance. Punishments: * RDMing a Innocent as an Innocent/Detective will result in 1 slay. * RDMing a Detective as an Innocent/Detective will result in 2 slays. * RDMing a Traitor will result in 2 slays. * Mass RDM (4+) will result in a monthly to permanent ban, based on the amount of RDMs. * Ghosting will result in a 1 month ban. * Consistent RDM will result in a week ban. * Slay evading(leaving before you've served your slays) will result in the slays being attached to your Steam ID, you will serve them the next time you come on the server. * Harassing players/Racism/Sexism/Bullying and general bigotry will result in a gag/mute if this persists multiple times, it will be a permanent ban. * Mic/chat spamming will result in a permanent gag/mute after 3 warnings. * Any sort of hacking/scripting will result in a permanent ban. * Advertising will result in a permanent ban. * Spraying anything against the server rules will result in a warning, a kick, and then a 1 week ban. * Prop surfing will get you teleported down to ground level and a warn. If this persists past the warn, you will be slain. *THESE ARE GUIDELINES - STAFF MEMBERS MAY CHANGE PUNISHMENTS IN SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.* NOTE: Calling people faggots, dykes, and such is allowed as long as the person you are talking to does NOT care, if told to stop please stop. Yes that means "faggot" and "Dyke" and other retarded words are allowed in the server. Racism is STILL banned. (This is a copy+paste with a few revisions of @Ellie's gmod rules.) Full credit to @DoubleCaret for a ton of these rules.
  7. TTT Custom Change Log

    ALRIGHT LADYS AND GENTS LETS START THIS UP NEW PC NEW SERVER HAHAAAAAAA.... I cracked open a good ol nice bottle of vodka so lets get this shit poppin. Server re-vamp is in process... It's gonna take a little longer cause I can't get ahold of the list right now that I asked someone to make so lets get this poppin. This thread will be updated but if anyone wants to hop into discord and suggest what I should do with the server I'm open for suggestions, anyone, and I mean ANYONE (yes people I don't enjoy as well, I'm drunk so ya'll get a pass.) Anyone that helps with suggestions will get a 25k point compensation in return and well some of their ideas may be added, just hop in discord ttt custom and talk. Lets get the basis down, this post will be consistently updated and edited, keep track of it. 1. Create list on what and what NOT to delete. (Complete) 2. Wipe server (Complete) 3. Add back in the basic "make ttt work good" shit [ULX/Ulib, ModernMOTD, PS 2 w/ addon material]. (Complete) 4. Add the shit we're keeping back in. (Complete) 5. Add maps in. (Complete) 6. Rules revised (Complete) 7. Re-add mapvote (in-progress) ~~ Barebones TTT [Incomplete] ~~
  8. GMOD TTT #2 Deagle Showdown

    I should have my computer Wednesday or Thursday, I'll see what I can do to spice the server up.
  9. lookin for some e-pussy

    You're looking in the wrong place then.
  10. Fortnite

    He said good players. easyfree1taps
  11. Give us our retired back

    Ur mad ur mad
  12. Happy birthday Headline!

    Happy birthday to the fucker that comes in out of no where to roast me on discord, have a good one yo!
  13. Community PUBG Outing


    Still no pc unlucky
  14. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    Been at work all day and reading the thread and keeping up to date with the drama. Lets talk now. 1. Nazi SM - Honestly this is a grey area, I can't find warnings but at the same time kouk doesn't like this shit past the nazi sm name, I don't really have a comment for it, all I can say was when I was sm and people started to call me a shit sm and nazi sm in cg ttt I started to hate that shit, may not seem big but it got me omega pissed cause I worked hard to provide shit to people on my off time and instead of receiving any recognition I got shit sm and all because of my additions and making sneaky a HA. Same goes for facist discord SM, some people just don't like shit but that IMO was a little overkill, maybe due to doing it multiple times with no regard to previous warnings? 2. General chat pictures, this is a huge grey area, there really is no "irrelevancy guidelines" for it just no shitposting images in general chat, this seems more of a staff decides whats relevant and not the discord community as a whole, maybe add on to the rule as instead and guidelines to how big a picture can be as of right now its a major grey area, I can't really say anything else because I have no idea what you posted and when you did during what conversation. 3. Discord server moderator LMAO, funny pic but yea I can see how that can piss some people off, considering how kouk is I could see this piss her off. It's more of who the person is at a personal basis, I have to change my vocabulary around people because you just gotta find their line. 4. Honestly, you're not wrong, this is what I taught in my TTT servers, but also told staff if it's constructive criticism to take it to mind, if people start getting disrespectful and it turns into harassment, warn then ban. The server leans left to right on this I feel like sometimes instead of having that perfect neutral balance. This should've been taken more into context, the photo was my sister's phone number (long story on how webster has this) but he showed me the picture and it took me a minute to realize that my sister called him the Nice guy word in her latest text message that displayed a little below in the bottom left, I could see him not realizing that the text was there even though he's been warned for using the Nice guy word. I'm sure kouk took this as him trying to troll but his intention was to show off him having my sisters number instead of showing off a picture with a Nice guy word. It's a rule in the server. 5. On to staff "NOT" doing their job. Irrelevant and rumor starting. What he said was because of me and it's my fault he said those things, I told people what I thought of kawaii before she joined the server or even this version of AG and that's why he said that but don't go around telling people that he's their fuckboi smh. The reason for the Esbelto Sanchez 5/1/18 2:09 PM: Are you saying that all about kawaii because of the imgur album I showed in the past. XXXANAX 5/1/2018 2:46 PM: yes (If you want the pic since its literally just this you can ask and ill just edit it but im lazy and this pc doesnt have gyazo. Warned. This was said before above was said ^ leading to a warn, therefore staff did their job. They don't like you, that's not harassment they just stated they don't like you, same with me, I don't like you. He said he didn't like you and ended the convo there, there's always gonna be haters, no perfect world. This was all said before the 1st quote I have on you, therefore he was warned and staff did their job properly. This was all said before the 1st quote I have on you, therefore he was warned and staff did their job properly. This was said before you even joined the new AG. You weren't a member and never expected you to be. How can this be counted as harassment towards someone that didn't exist in the new version of AG? This isn't valid. The discord SM is fine as is, everyone has their flaws but kouklas done a pretty good job with the discord, it's literally the only thing on AG atm I want to donate to due to all the actual hard work pumped out in it, don't know why people act like koukla's power hungry as the discord was so fucking barebones before she showed up and made it nice and pretty. Cool if you like discord cause you can't stand an SM so be it, but don't go spread rumors and lies about fuckbois and how she lets her staff run rampant, just makes something nice look bad. All in all I think kouk's done a fine job, but honestly @Kurama Koukla take what some trolls say a little bit more lightly in the server and don't take it to heart, some people may troll in the server they don't dislike you. You've done a spectacular job on the discord and I'd hate to see it go to waste cause some fuckers drove you out.
  15. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    Alright, then don't bring "but I heard" into the sentence. I make myself acquainted to everyone in the community because I like to get to know every single person as a whole, its enjoyable, you know me enough to know that I'll try to be friends with literally anyone in the community. That's just how I am and I'm sure anyone can vouch for that. I just follow the rules I guess? Anytime kawaii would bring me up or try to roast me he would roast back. I dont see an issue. We're buddys, and buddy's stick up for each other. All in all omega post coming up.