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  1. Esbelto

    Kurama Koukla's Resignation

    Fun times. Had fun with ya fake weeb, don't go MIA on me though. Take care on your future endeavors my negro.
  2. Esbelto

    I'm Turning 21

  3. Esbelto

    Need the community's thoughts

    Thats a report right there.
  4. Esbelto

    Need the community's thoughts

    oh man are you so very wrong
  5. Esbelto

    Lost lover

    Just what this community needed...
  6. Esbelto

    Need the community's thoughts

    Uhhh... titties? I guess you got the answer?¿
  7. Esbelto

    Need the community's thoughts

    If personality was fuckable... 🤔 In the end I could care less which is bigger just if it's on a shitty person yea, no thanks.
  8. eat shit and die kommie
  9. Yea now you NO permissions, lunnie has now been promoted to head admin, congrats!
  10. Accepted. Always need a communist spy, accepted to the team. Welcome!
  11. Esbelto

    TTT Custom Change Log

    -Alright here's all the additions, I'll make everything more pretty tommorrow when I have the time or during the weekend but bear with me, ya'll have been patient with me on this whole ttt project I've worked very hard on, especially the start with @UHabit and I really appreciate all the feedback. I hope ya'll enjoy the server as much as I do from how it's turned out so far. Weapons - 1. All weapons have been re-animated in a sense, they're all vanilla TTT weapon stats, but re-animated with no performance hits. I hope ya'll enjoy this, especially my personal favorite, the crowbar. They also all feature C_hands enabling you to see your player models hands if your player model has them with it. 2. Crowbar [Damage Re-Vamp] - Headshots do 54 damage, bodyshots do 20, arms and legs do 11 damage. This should set-up a viable use for crowbars and make crowbar fights more interesting and spicy for the server. 3. TMP [Re-Vamp] - Accuracy increased and damage increased to 16 FROM 14 damage. 4. Mac-10 [Re-Vamp] - Damaged increased to 14 from 12. (Accuracy is better then tmp, by like, a LOT.) Pointshop related stuff - 1. Pointshop perma-weapons have been added, each weapon costs 10k and available to any rank! Enjoy. 2. Pointshop betting added, bet which role will win at the end of the round for points. 3. Airdrops have been added into EVERY map, they contain points, hats, PM's, AND exclusive airdrop ONLY PM's. Airdrop point low = [10,000] point high = [1,000,000] Tools - 1. Death emblem suite has been added, create death emblems for people to see after you kill them, like COD, except you create them, I don't care how retarded or lewd they are, they can have big fat black cocks for all I care as LONG as I see nothing racist or borderline offensive from it. Ya'll have been good about this, don't make me get stupid with this addon. 😄 2. ModernMOTD added to server, basically a nicer looking rule viewer. 3. Ragdoll remover added, if a ragdoll starts to go fast enough to crash the server, it will instead be removed thanks to the addon. 4. Shoutvote has been added, after voting your map, shout into voice chat to give your vote more power, things get chaotic but this is tbh my favorite addon. ya'll make this addon fun and thank you for that. Maps added - minecraft b5 community pool 2017 rooftops swg ttt island 2013 ttt skyscraper ttt cruise ttt foundation a1 ttt cluedo b5 improved ttt nuketown ttt metropolis ttt metropolis v2a ttt muesem heist v6 mtt resort All weapon spawns have been re-vamped in each map to contain every weapon possible, no 1 weapon locked maps! Player-Model's Tekken Kuma (Veteran only) Master Chief Harley fairy fencer TDA Shadow Miku Swat Shield Zeal Team Carbon Miku v2 Hotline Miami Jacket SAO Fatal Bullet LLENN Ranks - All ranks have been updated to have what powers they're supposed to have. Thank you for everyone's suggestions and balancing ideas, I've implemented a lot of ideas in the server from everyone DM'ing and well just speaking to me about the server. I really do appreciate it, keep it up with the ideas! I wasted my 4 day week and work days to make this server possible, please give a poor man a poor mans like on this post. ~ UWU ~
  12. Esbelto

    [Gmod Staff Application] [Merples]

    Accepted Congrats, you're super active, super helpful to the new people, and you cause literally no issues, congratulations!
  13. Esbelto

    TTT Custom Suggestion Thread

    Thats already in the server, it cost 1 million points, I might've forgot to add it to the shop but its there.
  14. Esbelto

    TTT Custom Suggestion Thread

    Adding. I'm holding off on custom SWEPs for gmod pointshop atm, stand by soldier. I need eyebleach, maybe, I'll look into the PM to see if the hitboxes work.
  15. Hey guys! Esbelto here, suggest what you would love to see in the server! Please keep file sizes small and follow this format, I'll look through and tell you why I will or will not add such addons in the server. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Addon name: Link to addon on workshop: Filesize of addon: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy suggesting!