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  1. DmMeToePics

    CSGO Surf

    No, and that's why I won't play on it
  2. DmMeToePics

    Surf Server and Map Suggestions

    In-Game Name: W4bbit Suggestion: Sunny happy love and night vision Reasoning: best map and plugin Link to Plugin/Map: http://www.sourcemod.net/vbcompiler.php?file_id=129694
  3. DmMeToePics

    CSGO Surf

    Thought about downloading csgo for this, but I see it contains utopia
  4. DmMeToePics


    Just mentioned what skin I was using. If this were a serious thread you would have posted your tracker after multiple people asked
  5. DmMeToePics


    It's okay man I can't see him over all of the boy scout badges on my sash sergeant lul.
  6. DmMeToePics


    Only wants good players to play with. Won't show their own stats. Boosting begging thread?
  7. DmMeToePics

    Remove/Revise Rule 14

    Leaving a league game shouldn't justify community punishment lul. @Subsy cmonBruh
  8. DmMeToePics

    Bully Hunt3rs

    Clearly the issue is that there aren't enough nice, strapping, and respectful young lads out there like me. I respect the fuck out of women unlike many of my breed. This toxic behavior is disgusting, but they get paid back with free karma on forums
  9. DmMeToePics

    Top Reputation and Top Poster Awards

    No top reputation award until I am second place. Coincidence? I think not
  10. DmMeToePics

    vanG Significant Other Application Format

    Name: DmMeToePics Sex: Male, but unlike others of my breed I respect women. I respect them so fucking hard Age (must be 18 to ride this ride): 21 Name preferred to be moaned (ex. Penetrate me deeper Dark Lord): My name is largely irrelevant in sexual encounters. As long as you are okay with me yelling "I turned myself into a pickle Morty, I'm Pickle Rick" Salary wanted (it will be 0 and you will like it): Expect daily toe pics Special Skills: I am very good at maintaining a clean cut look. I trim my neck beard on a regular basis, and its beauty speaks for itself. I am very good at opening doors and pulling out chairs for m'lady. As stated previously, I respect women with all of my being. Ex top poster on AG forums until the soyboys attacked. Favorite emote: Ideal Date: Probably would take you on a romantic date where we watch some of my favorite animes. I will respect you as hard as I can and complain about how women never go for nice guys like me. Hopefully we are jumped by a bunch of your exes and I can protect your honor with my katana training. Why you want this position: I really want my parents to stop asking me if I'm gay just because I have never talked to a girl.
  11. @Esbelto has despicable anime all over his profile. Not only is this a disgusting eyesore, but he also has the nerve to call my signature inappropriate. His avatar is some weeaboo nonsense and so is his despicable me signature. This community allowed a weeb to rise to the rank of gmod developer, and I am appalled. Every time I am passing around the pigskin with the boys and want to peruse the forums a bit, I have to explain why I have this weeb shit to them. With all of these weebs running rampants it's basically social suicide to look at anything ag related in public. I don't think I would be as upset if he watched his chinese cartoons in dubbed, but no he had to go full weeb. de
  12. These uncultured forumies wish they could understand that one. Over and out
  13. No kink shaming in AG. Don't hate, appreciate. It's 2018 btw homophobia is not okay
  14. DmMeToePics

    [Demote Request][Forums][SnoopDoge]

    +3 from me. One additional plus for each one of the toxic reps snoop gave me. Kinas posts have been legit posts. Just skimming the argument with chinky you can see both posters were fine. If one of them was violating the rules then how could the other not be? It's blatant bias against Kina. Either make yourself impartial, or allow another an unbias mod judge his posts. You can easily allow other staff handle it if you think there is an issue.
  15. DmMeToePics

    Winner of the day

    Why can't you just be happy for us winners of the day? Just because we are winners, it doesn't necessarily make people like you losers. You just happen to be a loser.