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  1. Sky

    Blind's Introduction

    ew get rid of it
  2. sawilson aka god will revive these forums also my specs are complete garbage CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K | GPU: 2 GeForce RTX 2080 Ti's | RAM: 16GB DDR4-2400 | Storage: 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD
  3. Sky

    sawilson is back! But...

  4. Sky

    Old Acc

    kimo as in csgo ttt kimo? but it isnt worth it nor is it possible
  5. Sky

    Kurama Koukla's Resignation

    Sad to see you leave, I never disliked you but I know I'm retarded so i fucked up whatever "friendship" we had. Maybe we can be cool one day. Thank you for the work, see ya.
  6. Sky

    [CSGO Staff Application][Red John]

    Thought I already posted here But Red John is a mature guy, from I what see he can be a great staff member. When I used to stalk the old CG forums, Red John was staff there too. So he definitely has a lot of experience. I don't see why he shouldn't be given a chance here. +1
  7. Sky

    Quittrying introduction

    whats up bud
  8. Sky

    [CSGO Staff Application][bsd]

    plus juan, way more active than me and has been on the server since the start
  9. Sky

    Hunger Games is Back!

    Congrats Syd! I'm so proud haha Hopefully it turns out to be a success.
  10. Sky

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Alright, sorry I guess i was misinformed. However my point still stands, Jayce still tried to make it up to AG and stop any further escalation. Whether it was hypocritical or not, it proves he tried to intervene and stop trolling.
  11. Sky

    Need the community's thoughts

    im more of a 7up type of guy
  12. Sky

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Completely understandable, but unless I was misinformed Jayce just trolled while Lazy didn't. Other than that they pretty much did the same. That includes trying to stop any other further trolling, an example is Jayce posting a thread on their old forums about not trolling. Here's the link: https://isolationarts.mistforums.com/thread/about-ag-387236 I hope that link is fine with the owners, my intention isn't to advertise (Plus their community is dead anyways) but to show Jayce didn't mean to cause any additional harm.
  13. Sky

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    According to a higher-up (I don't want to say the name just in case it was wrong), Lazy refunded a donation and it was more than Jayce refunded. Also Lazy was blacklisted first so, no, he didn't actively troll on AG because he was already blacklisted.
  14. Sky

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    I mean it's kind of pointless, because if Lazy got unblacklisted (Co-Owner and "conspirer" of IA). Then there's absolutely no reason as to why Jayce shouldn't be unblacklisted. This is because Lazy did just as much, even more than Jayce did. While you guys are -1'ing this post for the reason of "he deserved it if he just wanted to troll", think of it like this what if your 2 friends just got blacklisted and you can't play with them in the community you're in right now. You're most likely are going to leave to go to the other community. Whatever you do is your fault from there on though. However it brings me back to the point of Lazy did it worse but he got unblacklisted.
  15. Sky

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    While also Jayce did nothing on AG, as in trying to get people to join IG. He never told anyone about it, it was Walrus' fault. +1 Jayce did nothing and was banned for "charging back a donation" when in reality as he said the transaction didn't go through. He got banned on a technicality and that isn't at all fair. While other were banned for just and valid reasons Jayce defenitely was hit with a false ban and he should be unbanned.
  16. Sky

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

    i just peed on merples so yes he is
  17. probably the most well spent 2 minutes of my life
  18. Sky

    hey someone ban this kina asshole

    dont mind me just posting here for a free post ban kina btw
  19. Sky

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    I'm free for the whole week now, so sorry but those exams were killer.
  20. Sky

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    I probably won't make it, as I have to sleep super early. Due to the fact of me having an exam at 7:15 tomorrow and I have to be at school at like 6:30.
  21. Sky

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    -1 Kina did us a favor by banning this retard. Good riddance, why are all the JB tards coming back?
  22. Sky

    Aye I’m back

    i was hoping i'd have atleast the summer without you smfh jk whats up papi
  23. Sky

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    I don't mind at all, I'll actually rather have that.