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  1. Fortnite

    Paradox ,Damn Hombre, Pie and Holy Shotz are all really good at fortnite( like 15 kill games good). they usually play on ts3.
  2. The IP ts3.allied-gaming.com will now link to another teamspeak, this means that we will have to give everyone their tags back. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and please be patient.
  3. Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    Sad to see you leave the staff team, good luck IRL man.
  4. Douchebag of the Month Award?

    Rude. I vote Subsy for douchebag of the month. Who's with me?
  5. Remove/Revise Rule 14

    It's rarely enforced but there have been several cases over the years.
  6. Remove/Revise Rule 14

    This rule was initially created 4 or so years ago when Arminaz and I were still SM's of teamspeak, what led to this rule being created was people intentionally trolling/leaving league and csgo 10mans to start drama on teamspeak, they wouldnt care if their weren't any repercussions. I understand where everyone is coming from when they say that league and teamspeak is different and should be seperate, but what I believe is that gaming has evolved in the past few years and players are now playing team oriented games more than ever(League, CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite etc..). The point I'm trying to get at is that when someone trolls or leaves these games while playing with people in teamspeak it DOES affect the teamspeak because no one likes their time being wasted and this will generally empty out a channel because no one wants to play another one or it would call off the 10man/scrim. We were trying to make playing in AG a more enjoyable experience when doing this and this rule is only enforced on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the admin.
  7. I wanted to wait a few weeks before I gave them out. Congratulations @kekbun and @Cute_eBoy ! Lets see if anyone can take it from them :P
  8. LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    Unblacklist Request Accepted Lazy will be allowed back into the community 7 days from now. Wednesday, April 11th. We felt he had to wait a bit more because of the severity of his actions and the harm that it brought upon AG. Lazy will be on a secondary blacklist until all of the council members unanimously agree that he can hold a staff position. Locked
  9. LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    Unblacklists aren't a priority, but I'll have you know I messaged the other council members earlier today in the morning about a final decision.
  10. Ight, This be deadass

    Yea they definitely go through your searches on other sites, it's happened to me countless times showing me the exact items i've looked at on mercadolivre(brazilian ebay).
  11. Hello

    Welcome to AG John.
  12. Ight, This be deadass

    Yea it has been but It's not as known as you think.
  13. Ight, This be deadass

    I know this isn't really relevant but did you know that If you have Facebook or Facebook Messenger on your phone it records your conversations and sells it to advertisers and the highest bidders. I was talking about cooking oil to my dad once and then like 10-15mins later I was scrolling through facebook and there was a random cooking oil add, like wtf? It might be a coincidence but I believe they do, Facebook is completely denying it though. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/oct/30/facebook-denies-eavesdropping-on-conversations-to-target-ads-again
  14. Art commissions for the community!

    Looks Great, Thank you.