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  1. DigidyDOG

    What do you use for your gaming setup?

    PC Part Picker (LINK) This is my build it was ~200$ more at the beginning of this year when I built it. CPU is OC'ed to 5GHz, Delided, LM, and Air cooled I get a nice 78 C under prime 95 load (Got it from Silicon Lottery)
  2. DigidyDOG

    Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

    Its an opinion I did say nice things as well. I never said rap music makes a thug never said his raps were bad, what do you call his look? Gangster? Hipster? I assumed that thugs made their pant's hang low and turn their hats to the side? Is that a wrong assumption? If I could have edited my post when I wanted to it would have looked a lot different after I did more research for about an hour or 2 after that, but it didn't let me and now you are getting heated and trying to put words in my mouth. I was trying to write with the most respect I could and still voice my opinion. Anyways since there is no civil conversation to be had here I will leave my statements at that.
  3. DigidyDOG

    Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

    To be honest never heard of this guy, RIP, no disrespect but he doesn't have the voice in my opinion. His raps, beats, and music videos are great but his voice meh and he looks like he is trying to hard to be "thug" enough for "thugs" to listen to him. Drugs aren't cool just stick to marijuana, enough high to have fun but not enough to fuck your life up. Again no disrespect for the hardcore MacMiller fans. Just watching some of his videos Donald Trump has a great beat. Not really sure how the song relates to Donald Trump but its a good song.
  4. DigidyDOG

    [CS:GO Staff Application] [:^Sh@rK^:]

    Totally +1. Shark was a great Head Admin when I was SM of surf.
  5. DigidyDOG

    "News" page

    Since I have been very busy at work I have the forums open to the home page which was a news feed in your face style page and you can read parts of the post and click to read more kind of like a blog post style system. This is how I would keep up to date on community matters and such and now since this page is gone I have no idea where to go where to look to find good up to date news on the community at a quick glace. Even though I can't be directly involved in the community and gaming much right now (work) I would still like to be able to see news updates about the community at a glance with the little time I do have. @GoobNitro @P2 @NaisA- Please make this a thing so I can keep up to date with community matters.