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  1. rubenhorse

    [CSGO Staff Application][Red John]

    He isn’t very good at CS:GO, but I’ve never seen him do anything but good things. +Juan
  2. rubenhorse

    4000th post

    Just wanted to make a thread to commemorate this gargantuan moment!
  3. rubenhorse

    Need the community's thoughts

    My waifu’s as real as you and me; the only difference is she’s 2D
  4. rubenhorse

    Need the community's thoughts

    I think a majority of anime would argue that
  5. rubenhorse

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

    Well it’s an over 50% gay rate, so pretty definitive so far
  6. rubenhorse

    Community Nights

    +1 Now if only we had people that would be able to organize such events.
  7. rubenhorse

    [Gmod Staff Application] [Merples]

    +1 Over the past couple years he has shown dedication to the servers and have cared about how they're run. He would be a great staff member, as well as being active on all platforms. Merples would make a great addition.
  8. Age:19 TimeZone: EST Recommended By: @Crow How Long Have You Been Apart Of Allied-Gaming: Since 2014, minus 2017 Link(s) to GameTracker Times for Each Server: https://www.gametracker.com/player/Amelioration/ Which Server Will You Be Most Active On: Whichever has players or where I'm needed more, but currently probably vanilla. How Many Hours/Week Will You Be Active For: 10-30 depending on what the servers are looking like at the time. Which Server Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: When there is no staff on, there is excessive RDM on the server mostly, more rarely there is mic/chat spamming. What Is Something You Would Like To Accomplish While Being Staff: To be an anchor for the server and help it improve while also keeping it running and a positive environment. Are You Active on Forums/Discord/Teamspeak: Im on them whenever I’m on my computer, and fairly active on them. Do You Know LUA: Nope
  9. rubenhorse

    Important Rugratz Problem

    My one friend is convinced the song was white flag, despite the vids.
  10. rubenhorse

    Important Rugratz Problem

    If any of you guys remember Rugratz in Paris, what’s the song you remember from when Chuckie is on the plane?
  11. rubenhorse

    I guess I'm back

    No U
  12. rubenhorse

    Give us our retired back

    +1 Might as well give dozens of people an award to make them individually stand out
  13. rubenhorse

    [Forum mod][eZ^]

    +1 Has almost always had favorable interactions with others, understands and doesn't abuse the positions hes in, and is good at following the rules. (He gave me $5 to write this)
  14. rubenhorse

    B E E S in MY League?

    Haven't you seen black mirror? We can just use robot bees and it'll work out fine.
  15. rubenhorse

    Steam Music Help

    Nope, ive tried restarting both my computer and steam