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  1. BasedLink

    Decent anime list! Check it Out!!

    +1 for eden of the east
  2. BasedLink

    Kurama Koukla's Resignation

    Still shit
  3. BasedLink


  4. BasedLink

    1v1 CSGO Event!

    ima come and lose hardcore
  5. BasedLink

    TinyChat Event Saturday, April 14th

    i get off work at 11 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. BasedLink

    vanG Significant Other Application Format

    Name: Based Link Sex: Male Age (must be 18 to ride this ride): 18 Name preferred to be moaned (ex. Penetrate me deeper Dark Lord): Flonkhampton Salary wanted (it will be 0 and you will like it): 80,000 Special Skills: Saving the world with the power of the tri-force Favorite emote: toucan1PickleDab Ideal Date: https://gyazo.com/0d8dc7a790282dcba41baf2717670133 Why you want this position: So i have more people to send me toe pics and fan signs
  7. BasedLink

    What was your first game?

    To my knowledge it was super mario 64
  8. BasedLink

    What's your Favorite CG Memory?

    Best video I can find but this song led to the creation of the Bhop server believe it or not(really the map but the song is what made it memorable). Best server from cg :'(
  9. BasedLink


    Me Mundo Main. ME TOP. Am cringey so i'm sure i'll fit in nicely. Shout out to the bois
  10. BasedLink

    Donated but missing owner?

    Yeah that's pretty fucked up bro. Can someone get on this?
  11. BasedLink

    Special Award Claim

  12. BasedLink

    How'd You Get Your Username?

    -Was a meme named Based Madoka -Liked Link -Searched Based Link -Found dumbass pic -Made name
  13. BasedLink

    Pineapple Tag Application

    but still +1
  14. BasedLink

    Pineapple Tag Application

    Why so you can put it on your damn pizza you animal
  15. BasedLink

    any sicc anime?