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  1. Surf Server and Map Suggestions

    The common issue with juturna is different servers have different versions of the file. To play the one we have u have to go to your maps folder and delete the existing one.
  2. Kina banning for me poking him?

    From what im hearing, you came in looking for drama. If you really wanted perms why wouldnt you just ask one of the owners or get one of the "many" people who knows you to vouch for you? I only give tags other than the basic move tag to people who I know had them, and I dont see how he was wrong in doing that. Also, you resorted to channel hopping to grab his attention...not sure where your brain went considering you seemed to be boasting about knowing rules and regs only to then break one of the oldest ts rules. There is also is this 3.) Do not spam unnecessary poke or direct messages in annoyance to anyone. From what I can tell, your messages were only meant to belittle him by judging his staffing capabilities and served no purpose whatsoever. You were literally just trying to cause drama and I see no reason why the ban wasnt justified.
  3. [CS:GO Staff Application][Farid]

    Is this recent? goob and mario both said he wasnt
  4. [CS:GO Staff Application][Farid]

    Honestly the main thing needed rn is someone to switch the map when rtv shits the bed. Iguess the owners make the decision since no sm? +1 obv
  5. Surf Server and Map Suggestions

    This is what I said in the beginning, but seems it didnt matter. If people want a competitive surf server they go to A. Source or B. KSF on go. Normally it is the former as sneaks server seems to be the only popular server consistently (aside from that weird rap battle server where surfing is just something for people to do while rapping or w/e). Even if its 64 it could probably still gain traction if people actually put in time on it, but I dont think there are enough people in the community that like surfing. Also, at the end of the day it is just a cookie cutter server. Without anything unique its kind of doomed anyway, although I know its hard to make anything unique for surf in general. I'll try to chill on the server for a while but at the end of the day, its tier 1-2 which gets really fucking boring. Would maybe add some t3s.
  6. Surf Server and Map Suggestions

    The point of rtv is for players to change the map immediately without waiting, Even with a timer someone will always get interrupted, shit just happens sometimes.
  7. CSGO Surf

    Can you event beat utopia
  8. unblock me from the shoutbox

    If it was the first time hes done this I would understand being pissed at asian, but asian has dealt with dyrus for quite a while. Literally everyday dyrus would post shit like what he got blocked for in CG shoutbox (sometimes as a joke and sometimes serious). I literally dont know how you could call this classic asian when he seems to give people a decent amount of chances before doing anything, especially dyrus.
  9. unblock me from the shoutbox

    Dyrus acts like this a lot, sometimes its fun to meme the community with him and sometimes he gets kind of aids with the whole "This community dead owners are dogshit reeee" thing. Unblocking him wouldnt stop it, he does it a lot lol. Dont really care whether hes unbenched or not, I only really talk to him on ts3 and he isnt toxic or aids like he used to be. Although on forums dyrus u cant deny ur a little shit lol.
  10. Fortnite

    Its pretty hard to get a sub 1 kd doing battlepass challenges
  11. Talking About Random Shit #6

    June 2015 I believe
  12. Fortnite

    Woah there pal, my dude is an ESTEEMED member of the sash sergeant park rangers. He doesnt deserve to be given the lowly title of "donut". Watch ur tude
  13. Fortnite

    Dont u tryhard in csgo? Pretty sure that game doesnt actually exist anymore
  14. lookin for some e-pussy

    U better mean boy pussy