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  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!


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  1. Tizona

    Intro :)

    Who are you again?
  2. Tizona

    [Forum Staff App][Cute_eBoy]

    If you can actually not go into dyrus mode +1
  3. Tizona


    he didnt do a very good job OMEGALUL
  4. Tizona

    Surf Server Tier Level

    change ur fucking picture u spaz lmfao
  5. Tizona

    [CS:GO Staff Application] [:^Sh@rK^:]

    +1 but is there an official sm for surf rn? Idk who you'd be under. I think karisma is just a dev for it with headline. edit: nvm karisma has the forum role for it, im blind.
  6. Tizona

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    If lazy did also refund and jayce's ban seems to be purely based off the refund, then he maybe should be treated equally. Although there was a lot of advertising and shit, it seems like goob and p2 werent gonna blacklist them for it if I understood right. Not really a firm believer of changing blacklist reason after it has happened and an appeal is made.
  7. Tizona

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Did lazy constantly advertise in shout box and actively try to get blacklisted? Did he also refund? Genuinely curious since I didnt really pay too much attention while it was happening. He wasnt in goobs shoutbox history and not mentioned at all. ik he was like the co-owner and shit but if he didnt really troll and advertise his shit they shouldnt be lumped together.
  8. Tizona

    Need the community's thoughts

    Mother fucker its a yes or no question. No being tits and yes being ass.
  9. Tizona

    Games to play

    ignore this hes played too much pubg.
  10. Tizona

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Definitely a -1. You read the rule, talked to an owner about it, and went through with it anyway BECAUSE you would get blacklisted. Literally said you never wanted to come back so you decided to take a shot at the community. So gratz dude you got literally what you wanted
  11. Tizona

    Surf Server and Map Suggestions

    idk, I went a deleted the file and when the server redownloaded it worked fine
  12. Tizona

    Surf Server and Map Suggestions

    The common issue with juturna is different servers have different versions of the file. To play the one we have u have to go to your maps folder and delete the existing one.
  13. Tizona

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    From what im hearing, you came in looking for drama. If you really wanted perms why wouldnt you just ask one of the owners or get one of the "many" people who knows you to vouch for you? I only give tags other than the basic move tag to people who I know had them, and I dont see how he was wrong in doing that. Also, you resorted to channel hopping to grab his attention...not sure where your brain went considering you seemed to be boasting about knowing rules and regs only to then break one of the oldest ts rules. There is also is this 3.) Do not spam unnecessary poke or direct messages in annoyance to anyone. From what I can tell, your messages were only meant to belittle him by judging his staffing capabilities and served no purpose whatsoever. You were literally just trying to cause drama and I see no reason why the ban wasnt justified.