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  1. Zer04k

    Where tf did my account go? Artillery

    Woah dude, its you! welcome back guy.
  2. Zer04k

    Surf Server SM

    Shark is a really cool dude well deserved :D
  3. Zer04k

    [CSGO Staff Application][Bambino]

    +1 Guy is a cool dude, I cannot wait to see what he will do for the server.
  4. Zer04k


    Whalecum back! ;D
  5. Zer04k


    Depending on which MMORPG
  6. Zer04k

    Talking About Random Shit #14

    I can relate... WHOO!
  7. Zer04k

    Favorite Song?

    Noice song @SnoopDoge
  8. Zer04k

    Favorite Anime?

    What's everyone's favorite Anime? Mines: One Piece
  9. Zer04k

    Favorite Song?

    Yo, what's everyone's favorite song like they're song that makes them either feel better about themselves or is the most you can relate too? Mines Either: Ghost Boy, or Haunt U by Lil Peep
  10. Zer04k

    Games to play

    Golf it, Golf With Friends, and Borderlands 2
  11. Zer04k

    Talking About Random Shit #13

    Uhh, I don't d r i n k check your privilege.
  12. Zer04k


    D e f a u l t s M a t t e r too
  13. Zer04k

    Share Your Music Thread

  14. Zer04k

    I am back?

  15. Zer04k

    I am back?

    Hey sorry, I am back how's it going. I forgot my other account information :(