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  1. This guy can barely form coherent sentences let alone stage a coup against me
  2. Kina

    hey someone ban this kina asshole

    Hey this is Kina's sister. Kina died last night. Not sure if it was cystic fibrosis or suicide but we got word this morning his body was found. Thoughts and prayers.
  3. Kina


    This is the best thread of the new forums archive asap
  4. Kina

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    if you had a question you could have poked me the question. But after you actually repeatedly asking to be moved into my channel I started to just ignore you. Your question was clearly either nonexistent or nonimportant since to this moment you have yet to ask it. <02:02:36> "Please,Call Me Cameron" pokes you: wait i forgot to tell you something <02:02:53> "Please,Call Me Cameron" pokes you: move me <02:03:52> "Please,Call Me Cameron" pokes you: move me you whore That was last night which I ignored. And then after I ignored you today when you just said <02:20:19> "Please,Call Me Cameron" pokes you: Move me into your channel You broke the rules and channel hopped for no reason. I gave you a warning and was trying to just move on and you questioned my ability to be staff. I dont know you and you havent been around. Your entire reason for being on the server up to this point has been to be confrontational with me when you dont even know me. Also, if these 5-9 anonymous people have any problem with me being staff on TS they can speak up at any time. But up to this point I've used my powers on things that dont involve moving my friends into my channel about 6 times, 5 of which to give tags to new members and the 6th being banning a guy that was screaming the N word in the main lobby. I probably shouldn't have banned you and I apologize for it but I dont know who you are and you jumped on my back for no reason. I gave you a warning for something that according to yourself I should have just punished you, but thats just ridiculous. My one conversation with P2 on my powers was "use your powers how you see fit" after I refused to ban people who were harassing me and didn't personally deal with them. If you had a question you could have asked, which you did at a couple of different times and I answered. And those questions were you literally just questioning my ability to be staff and my time as staff, which wasnt even relevant but I was being polite and answering them. I dont know what problem you have with me considering you dont know me and if you really got upset because I didnt want to be your friend last night and moved you out then you have some serious social issues that you should consider a therapist for, not a forums post.
  5. Kina

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    after giving him power to move around in ts he repeatedly poked me to move him in my channel. Which I did and he asked some questions which I answered. After some awkward silence i said aight just dont spam poke me again and moved him out. He was upset I wouldnt give him donator and veteran tag since I dont know who he is and told him to ask p2/goob/another staff for it. Since then he pokes me non stop telling me what a bad staff i am and how he knows so much better than me. I have asked him again to stop poking me and if he needs something there is other staff on to give it to him. Here is our first interaction I didnt ask my friend to go attack him, I was just complaining in the open. My friend took it upon himself to apparently go call him a loser. But there were no complaints raised so not much to go on there. This is the first issue anyone has had with me as staff on the server so if there is a real problem I will accept someone talking to me about it. But since I dont have proof of me asking him to leave me alone in vc I cant prove that. After me helping him and hearing his request hes dont nothing but spam me the last 2 days and be confrontational. Waste of time.
  6. Kina


    So what is your name so i can look you up on fortnite tracker. For reference I do all my challenges in solos and my k/d is still above 2 while my duo and squad are 3.7 and 3.4 respectively. I just want to verify that you can even make the claim you are asking of other people. https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/pc/Sage Mode Stupid
  7. Kina


    Sage Mode Stupid also link me your fortnitetracker
  8. Kina

    144hz monitor

    You need an HDMI 1.3 or higher to do 144hz on HDMI, which I'm pretty sure nowadays everything ships with at least 1.4 @Red John https://www.amazon.com/AOC-G2460PF-1920x1080-Adjustable-DisplayPort/dp/B01BV1XBEI I have this monitor rn, bought off Newegg refurb for 190 almost a year ago, its a solid monitor I personally think it's fine for a cheap entry
  9. Alright, I'll say this. While personally offending someone may not justify an in ts warning nor actual discipline, how many fucking warnings do you need. You posted "hentai" that one is questionable. You def posted nazi symbols on multiple occasions. Other people should have been disciplined but it doesnt excuse your breaking of the rules on multiple occasions. Its not an ambiguous rule, dont post a swastika nor the fucking SS symbol. Unless the post was edited after this was made, which would be backhanded and shady as fuck, there is a rule against reaction spamming, but idk since I never read the rules lul As for harassment, you are literally calling the discord staff nazis and the sm a fascist, so yeah, it is defaming what do you expect. You think when I came on forums flaming I didnt expect to get punished? Absolutely, but I was throwing a fit and trying to fix my problem, you were just throwing a fucking fit and being edgy. As for breaking her own rules, I'll agree with you there as I have seen koukla not only break discord rules as outlined in the post but also the whole spam fiasco that my boy gilbert got fucked on. All in all, I expect jack shit to get done but the rules are not being consistently upheld but you deserved to be punished multiple times and probably deserve to stay muted lol, even when I did some of what you did I accepted my punishment.
  10. Kina

    Remove/Revise Rule 14

    I'll say this, my opinion is out there so I have nothing left to say but normal human beings this goes differently, especially among friends. Snoop gets home, joins ts and his friends channel, "sry guys had to go didnt have much warning mb", everything goes by no problems. Instead he comes back to what he feels to be an unjustified and abusive ban and gets upset, common courtesy is no longer important. I dont disagree with you, an apology is deserved and thats fine, but expecting/demanding an apology after doing something to piss someone off isn't really gonna go well. All in all I don't think it was handled well by anyone involved, but an 8 hour ban for someone afking a league game is more than harsh. The punishment absolutely doesn't fit the crime. He wasn't punished for not saying sorry so it's realistically irrelevant. He was punished for leaving a league game because of an iffy interpretation of a 4 year old rule that was made for a differentish reason. "This rule was initially created 4 or so years ago when Arminaz and I were still SM's of teamspeak, what led to this rule being created was people intentionally trolling/leaving league and csgo 10mans to start drama on teamspeak" The rule makes sense in this context and is fine. Keep people from trolling inhouses.
  11. Kina

    Remove/Revise Rule 14

    Just delete both my other responses pls this is a good one. Can't edit my other post but let me reiterate after reading the other thread. BIG FUCKING +1 P2 AND HEADLINE WONT STOP P2S STUPID FRIENDS FROM FUCKING WITH ME YET YOU BAN SOMEONE FOR 8 HOURS FOR WASTING 3-15 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME. You can ff every 3 minutes so ye he wasted 3 minutes of your time unfortunate but it's a game just move on. Unless as TS staff you are showing at least me personally that if I take personal offense to something I can ban at my own discretion. It which case, noted. I will not be bullied by these fucking degenerates and no reason to resolve any fucking thing just ban whatever 8 hours sounds good. What a stupid fucking rule and an even worse example you are setting. I fucking hate snoop retard so as much as I hate to agree with this degenerate I must say, massive +1 and you need to develop some fucking social skills and learn how to try to work through a personal matter with your words instead of patronizing him. "apologize to everyone and a serious one" fucking high horse if I've ever seen one.
  12. me and toucan cant make it gotta play big aram tournaments.
  13. are we talking frying pan, baking pan, or peter pan?
  14. Fakest news ive seen in at least 6 months
  15. Name: Kina/Kinwa/fake qtpie Sex: Male most of the time Age (must be 18 to ride this ride): old enough Name preferred to be moaned (ex. Penetrate me deeper Dark Lord): Daddy will suffice m'lady Salary wanted (it will be 0 and you will like it): 1 pls Special Skills: Katana sheathing, Fedora tipping, League of Legends Favorite emote: PickleDab Ideal Date: Netflix and chill Why you want this position: Sexual favors, anime, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet gift.