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  1. GoobNitro

    Battle of the Communites V

    Battle Of The Communities Final Roster First off I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to sign up and participate in our practice games to get ready for the BOTC Event on June 23rd - June 24th! The final team is as follows: June 23rd Day 1 Team: @Red John @James @Farid @NaisA- @SnoopDoge June 24th Day 2 Team: @Red John @James @Farid @MelonsRule @SnoopDoge Substitutes: @MrSpeakerZ @Sky Charity: Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital https://www.stjude.org/ Below is some information that all users participating will need to know prior to the event: Bracket: https://challonge.com/BOTCV Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17CG1gdeFFCVQY_InRLZpheTprH5n79JWxEFCiuXHkgo/edit?usp=sharing The following is the schedule for all games during the 2018 eGO Battle of the Communities from June 23rd to June 24th *Teams should be in server 15 minutes before game start time* *All Times are EST* June 23rd Normal Bracket | Losers Bracket Game 1| GFL Clan Vs TangoWorldWide @4:30 PM Game 2| HellsGamers Vs AlliedGaming @4:30 PM Game 3| Loser of Game 1 Vs Loser of Game 2 @5:45 PM Game 4| Winner of Game 1 Vs EdgeGamers @5:45 PM Game 5| Winner of Game 3 Vs Loser of Game 4 @7:00 PM June 24th Semi Finals and Grand Final (BO3) Game 6| Winner of Game 6 Vs Winner of Game 5 @12:00 PM Game 7| Winner of Game 9 Vs Loser of Game 10 @3:15 PM Game 8| Winner of Game 10 Vs Winner of Game 11 @6:30 PM In-Game Procedures Map will be decided before game with the captain from each team. All teams will be given 15 minutes of warm up before each match, and to gather their team into the server. When the game starts each side will knife to determine sides. Each team has one timeout per half. First to 16 wins the match. If teams tie in regulation then overtime will start. Teams are given $16000 in overtime. Rules -short version- Full list here Please take the time to read the full rule list if you are participating in event! ALL PLAYERS MUST RECORD THEIR OWN DEMO TO SUBMIT UPON REQUEST!!!! 1. A team will consist of up to eight players. 2. If a team is not able to attend, they will lose by default. 3. If a team is not able to complete a match, they will lose by default. 4. No substitutes will be allowed once the match starts. 5. Each team is allowed a single time out per match. 6. Any disconnects during a round will be considered a death for that player. 7. Matches will be played on the eGO CS:GO Event Server with eGO Tournament Staff to moderate. 8. The tournament will be a double elimination setup. 9. The first team to win 16 rounds will be the winner. 10. Players with a previous VAC ban on any account within the past 365 days or have less than 25 hours recorded on CS:GO will not be allowed to enter. 11. VAC bans received at any point during the tournament, regardless of the game, will be considered an automatic disqualification. 12. Players will record demos of all their matches and be willing to submit them for review upon request. 13. Cheating of any kind will result in the team's removal from this and possibly future tournaments. 14. All eGO Rules apply. I spoke with all of the people participating about the event being delayed. Turns out it is back on for June 23rd and 24th again, just with the time slots being moved up for each game due to another community dropping out. Please take a moment to review the new changes in the game times to make sure you are still able to make it to the event without issue. I need to submit the official team/charity by TODAY so please make sure if there is an issue you contact me asap! @Farid @James @NaisA- @MelonsRule @Red John @Sky @MrSpeakerZ @SnoopDoge
  2. GoobNitro

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    Ima just gonna go ahead and lock this thread. You didn't follow any format of any kind, whether it be an abuse report, unban request, etc.....you also admitted to breaking rules to try to get his attention and were rude to him.....he only banned you for an hour hella late at night.....you should have just gone to sleep....
  3. GoobNitro

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    Hey so it came to my attention that the practice last night turned into a 10 man and the actual team didn't even play together as a team lol.....I think it would be good if you all tried to get together again and played as a group in a competitive match or something so you can actually play together as a team rather than just playing in the same game..... I've already messaged a few of you and will try to get a hold of the rest....if you have time to play 1 or maybe 2 40ish min games this weekend on csgo as a team I think it couldn't hurt to do it again... @Red John @Sky @MelonsRule @SnoopDoge @James @Farid @NaisA-
  4. GoobNitro


    @SoBe @Tim @Timothy Now that both members have shared their point of views I think there is no longer a reason to keep this thread open. You both have different stories as to what happened over a year ago and due to the fact that there is no evidence and this happened outside of Allied-Gaming I am going to have to ask both of you to talk about this in private if you wish to continue your conversation. Tim I am sorry if you feel like you have been wronged by Sobe, but there are still a ton of great people here in Allied-Gaming and I hope regardless of this outcome you decide to come back to AG fully. Sometimes things dont work out in life the way we want them too, and we just have to use those things to help us grow as a person.....I hope you learned something from this whole ordeal and I hope you can eventually move to the point where you feel comfortable being in Allied-Gaming again! P.S. You still have yet to pick an account you want to use primarily so please message me directly on forums when you decide so we can remove one. Thread Locked
  5. GoobNitro


    its because you have made 2 separate accounts with 2 different emails.....please pick one account to use so I can delete the other account as we do not allow users to have more than 1 account on the forums.
  6. GoobNitro


    First off I would like to say welcome back to AG Timothy. I noticed that you created two separate accounts. Am I safe to assume that sense you are using the Timothy account to post on, your "Tim" account can be deleted? Now as to CSGO skin situation. You said in your post that you spoke with me about this situation a year ago, however I am sorry to say I do not recall us having a conversation regarding this. I do not recall ever receiving a report regarding @SoBe scamming/stealing skins, although it is possible you did speak to me and I just dont remember. Now with that being said, I am sorry that you feel as if you were wronged by a member within the community, however we cannot monitor trades/transactions between members happening outside of Allied-Gaming. The only time higher ups get involved in private trades between members is if there was a post made in our trading section within forums that ended up in a user getting scammed after a post directly states a sale/trade/transaction should be taking place. Any and all trades/sales/transactions happening outside of our forums trade section can not and will not be dealt with by Allied-Gaming. I am sorry to be blunt but the truth is you gave your skin away to a user when you traded it away. Regardless of the reason for your trade or what may or may not have been said regarding said trade there is nothing we can do about that. Allied-Gaming cannot overlook every single agreement made between members within our community. Steam TOS states that if you trade a skin/game away you will not be receiving it back scam or not due to the fact that you have to consciously agree to give that skin/game away to another user prior to the trade being completed knowing the risk that you may be scammed/never receive that skin/game back. All in all I am sorry that you feel as if you have been wronged but there is nothing Allied-Gaming or the higher ups can or will do about this. What happened between you and another member outside of Allied-Gaming is something you and "said" member will have to settle on your own. However with this being said we do hold our staff to a higher standard and scamming is not something we allow from our staff regardless of where or how it takes place. If you have proof regarding your accusations towards @SoBe then you are more than welcome to provide me with said proof and the proper steps will be taken regarding his staff rank. If you are unable to provide me or the other higher ups with any proof regarding this matter then I am going to have to kindly ask you to talk with @SoBe about this in private as it is a private matter and should stay that way. I do not wish to tarnish a well known members reputation within our community without the proper proof to back your accusations towards him. @SoBe If you did indeed take a skin from @Timothy with the understanding that you could use it to play with and agreed to return it to him at a later date but instead sold it without his knowledge or permission prior to doing so, I expect you to rectify this situation as quickly as possible or your staff position within AG will be severely reconsidered. As a staff member within AG you are held to a higher standard than the normal member and this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Regardless of my stance on getting involved with private agreements between members outside of our trade forums, I will not have staff that scam anyone regardless of them being in Allied-Gaming or not. This thread will remain open to give @Timothy a chance to provide us with proof and for @SoBe to respond. If this thread turns into a flame war or becomes toxic it will be locked.
  7. GoobNitro

    Forum Changelog

    June 5, 2018 AdSense has been added to forums(Still working on where they are located on forums)
  8. GoobNitro

    Surf Opening Night

    Hey everyone! CSGO Surf Tier 1-2 is being released this weekend on Saturday June 2nd. We will be hosting an opening night event for the server at 4pm EST. If you want to help us out, dont forget to drop by the release event!
  9. GoobNitro

    Give us our retired back

    Retired Tag's Thank you Subsy for making this thread and bringing up the Retired Tag! Any member who was high staff(High Admin and Up) for at least 3 months before resigning can now request to receive the Retired Award! Members should contact a forum admin or higher to request the reward if you qualify for it and it will be assigned to you. If you meet the requirements for the Award you can also post in this thread below and forums staff and myself will try our best to get it for you as soon as possible! Edit: This is no longer a rank and is now a Forums Award instead. Users who are currently staff but qualify for this reward due to resigning once before can now request the reward as well! Please help us get word around to those who deserve this award for their commitment to Allied-Gaming.
  10. GoobNitro

    Surf Server Change Log

    This thread will be used to log changes to the server such as addition/removal of maps and addition/removal of plugins
  11. GoobNitro

    Surf Server and Map Suggestions

    This thread will be for any suggested changes to the server. Whether they be the removal of a weapon, addition of a plugin, or the removal/addition of a map. Please be sure to use the below format when making a suggestion. In-Game Name: Suggestion: Reasoning: Link to Plugin/Map:
  12. GoobNitro

    Happy birthday Headline!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. GoobNitro


  14. GoobNitro

    Big oooo thanks to Headline

    Vangie this is a clean desk.... Get your shit together girl...
  15. GoobNitro

    Post your setups!

    Set-up Gaming room