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  1. GoobNitro

    Fallout 76

    Anyone got fallout 76? I got it for PC and PS4.
  2. GoobNitro


    Come check out S3p41rot4's stream!
  3. GoobNitro

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Blacklist Request Declined Jayce if you can not even be honest with yourself about what you did and the part you took in getting blacklisted, then you are currently not ready to come back. You asked to be blacklisted and forced our hand in doing so. Regardless of your donation actually being refunded or not, laziness is not a justification for your actions or intent behind what you did. You were given a pre-warning prior to you refunding your donation and still chose to do it. On top of this, you continue to deny the fact that we ever spoke, despite the fact that I showed shoutbox logs showing that we did infact speak with you and tytis about the whole ordeal that took place. Comparing your unblacklist request with Lazy's is not even close to the same, due to the fact that you were blacklisted for different reasons and you were given prior warning to the consequences received for refunding a donation. I wish i could believe that you care about Allied-Gaming enough to actually want to come back, but the way I see it, you only care to come back to talk to your friends because lazys and walrus community tanked and most of them came back here. Personally I think you should of thought about that before you chose to bank on them rather then AG who has been here through thick and thin since 2012. Hopefully one day you can truly admit to what you did and the part you played in it and can make an honest and apologetic unblacklist request without all the excuses. Until then, you are not welcome within Allied-Gaming. Feel free to appeal your blacklist again in 3 months.
  4. GoobNitro

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Thread locked. I will be speaking with the council members and the roots about this tonight and we will make our decision tomorrow.
  5. GoobNitro

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Lazy did not refund his donations, nor did he troll or incite others to do so.
  6. GoobNitro

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    I dont understand why you would go around claiming to other people that I didn't speak with you about this whole ordeal prior to your actions with absolute certainty but then when you message me on discord you give up so easily regarding that stance as soon as I say that is not true rather than pushing the point if you truly believe I didn't speak with you. If you ask me this seems more like a situation where at the time you really didn't care what I had to say so you didn't really care to remember it. Now that you want to come back its easier to say I didn't talk to you than you admit what you did and chose to ignore. Shoutbox logs saved from old archive: you advertising the teamspeak 3 openly in shoutbox lol.... them asking to speak with p2 because they all refused to speak with me because walrus and lazy said they did all this shit because of me and refused to talk to me and were shit talking me to the rest of them on their ts3. I refused to go on their teamspeak because I wasn't going to let them grab my ip address which p2 informed them of hence his following comment in shoutbox so I could speak with them as well. tytis proving that you both joined teamspeak 3 to have a conversation with p2 and myself. this one added just for the means...should of +1 you ez for this one @eZ^ my comment in shoutbox showing once again back on march 7th that we were being forced into doing something we didnt want to do but were left no choice after jayce and tytis and some others forced our hands in handing out blacklists another person who went to lazys/walrus community and was doing exactly same shit jayce and tytis pulled trying to get banned/force our hand.....interesting if you ask me....almost like they were on their ts3 talking about it/joking about it..... jayce making an alternate account to continue to troll on but was banned before he was able to do so. To be honest jayce I didn't want to have to do this but I dont appreciate you going around claiming to people that I didn't talk to you nor did you want to be blacklisted.....you reap what you sow my friend....
  7. GoobNitro

    Games to play

    There are to many options to pick for this to be helpful for you.....can you start by giving us a little more info on what type of games you like to play? Sandbox, RPG, MMORPG, MOBA, Multiplayer, Single Player, Puzzle, FPS, ETC??
  8. GoobNitro

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    To clarify it wasn't just tytis and jayce that charged backed that equaled 125$. There was a 3rd person as well that charged back 30$ also. The total loss from fees alone was $45 worth of additional fees just because of the 3 people charging back. This is over half of the 80$ donated originally from all 3 combined, which is why users who refund donations are blacklisted.
  9. GoobNitro

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    @XXXANAX @Farid @Sky @Brontes @MelonsRule @Cute_eBoy @Crow @Michael Rosen @NaisA- @Survivor @Kina @Headline @iGetBae @P2 @JacobThePigeon @fREAk @kekbun OK so just to clear this up he was blacklisted for refunding his donation to the community. It was not because of any other reason due to the fact that once he refunded his donation there was no need for me or p2 to find/get any other evidence (even though we could have done so easily) to justify his blacklist as the rules have clearly stated from day one that refunding donations is not allowed and will result in a blacklist of users who do so. The reason why this is a rule in the first place is because once a user donates those donations can be used at any point in time thereafter. That being said, if a user donates money and those funds are used, followed by them refunding said donation, that actually results in a loss of donations/funds for the community. What users also may not know is that when someone refunds a donation it goes to the PayPal resolution center which results in Allied-Gaming having to issue a refund or fight the charge back dispute. If AG does not issue a refund and it goes into a dispute, paypal will review the case and determine whether or not a refund is valid or not. As some of you may know it is very rare that paypal sides with the seller or in this case Allied-Gaming and almost always ends up refunding the buyer or in this case Jayce. When a dispute is lost and a refund is issued there is always a fee added onto that by paypal due to it going to the resolution center. That fee is often times more than the donation refund itself, even up to double the amount sometimes. What this means is that it actually would have helped allied-gaming more if the user never donated to begin with because they are not only taking back their donation but are also eating up the funds from other peoples donations as well due to the added fees for going into dispute. Now that I have explained why jayce was blacklisted and why this is a rule in the first place I would also like to add some more context into this unblacklist request. I did not just blacklist jayce when he refunded his donation. In fact I was made aware ahead of time by other users that jayce and tytis were trying to get blacklisted from AG because they had no desire to ever return to it. They decided it would be wise to troll on forums/teamspeak 3/servers, break rules, harass players, poach members, and pretty much anything else they thought they could do that would result in them being blacklisted. Because I was made aware ahead of time that this is what they were trying to do I decided it best to let it play out over the course of a few days to see if maybe they would change their minds or come around to just leaving rather than forcing our hands in a blacklist as this is not something p2 or myself ever enjoy having to do to anyone. After realizing that what they were doing was not working they then asked others how to get blacklisted at which point a few people gave them the idea to refund their donation. After hearing that they were planning on refunding their donations and trying to get other members to refund their donations as well that they made to allied-gaming, I contacted both of them and asked them to come onto the ts3. I explained to both of them that if they chose to refund their donation that they would be blacklisted and I explained the reasoning as to why giving them pretty much the same reasons I gave you all up above as well as informing them that even though they donated to allied-gaming for perks on the dc-rp server, just because the server was dying and they were switching to another community(walrus's and lazy's) that doesnt justify them refunding it due to the fact that they had already been using those donation perks for a month prior to everything happening with lazy and walrus and that lazy just never removed said perks because he was planning to take the server files and leave. That in reality had lazy been doing his duty as an SM and removed their rank they would have already lost those monthly perks that they donated for. Once they heard me confirm that in fact refunding their donations to allied-gaming would result in their blacklist they pretty much had there minds made up, however I tried to appeal to their better sides by explaining why this would hurt AG and why they shouldn't force my hand and should instead just leave without any punishment/penalty as any member is free to come and go as they please or be in any community they wish to be in. After explaining all those things to both tytis and jacye, they said that they were never planning on coming back to allied-gaming and were still going to refund their donations, even though i emphasized that once they make that decision there is no coming back. They both understood the conversation and what was stated as i made sure to ask them if they understood or had questions. When they once again confirmed that they were going to refund their donations I told them as much as I am disappointed to see them do that and to have them leave the community I understood that its their choice and there is little to nothing I could do about it. They then asked me if I was going to blacklist them then, and I told them no and that I would wait until i saw that they indeed refunded their donation, as like i said before me and p2 tried our hardest to avoid having to blacklist them. Once they refunded their donations I then issued the blacklist on both of them and that was that. After issuing the blacklist on both of them I heard through the grapevine that they were also then trying to get more of their friends to go to lazy's and walrus's community as well as refund their donations to get blacklisted/get the money to help start out their new DCRP server. Now although jayce's refunding of the donation didn't officially go through, he still issued a refund via paypal. He also lied on the paypal dispute claiming he never received his items. The only reason why the refund got canceled and he didn't receive the money back is because he didn't respond to his own refund claim after i disputed his claim. Due to his lack of responding the dispute was canceled and the money was taken off hold and returned to the Allied-Gaming paypal. Although he may have no received his donation back his intentions were clear as day and he still attempted to issue a refund hence receiving the blacklist. You have to remember though that the process of paypal disputes is over the course of weeks and there was no way for me to know that he wasn't going to pursue it or follow through on his refund until it was several weeks later, and that he was blacklisted the moment he issued the refund claim, rather than actually successfully winning said claim. Because of the intentions behind a refund dispute and because of the additional fees received on AG by doing so, the blacklist is issued immediately on users who refund rather than actually waiting for the dispute to resolve. The actions of lazyboy and walrus led to not only tytis's and jayce's refunding. There were other users who also refunded their donation and went to their community as well. They were also blacklisted. In fact as a result of lazy's and walrus's decision to make their own community/steal our server and jayce's and tytis's attempts to get others to refund their donations and leave AG there was a total loss of 125$ including the additional fees issued via refund disputes by paypal. Below is an image which shows both tytis's and jayce's refunding their donation. Certain things were blacked out due to the sensitivity of such content. Before the council makes a final decision regarding this unblacklist request I would like you all to think about what I said and what was done. Jayce and Tytis knew what they were doing. They knew the consequences and they knew the outcome. They wanted to be blacklisted and they did everything in their power to make that happen despite mine and p2's attempt to stop that from happening. I tried to reason with them and tried to explain that this would only hurt AG more than it already was hurting from lazy's and walrus's actions. And even after all this they followed through with it so they could instead donate that money to walrus's and lazy's community. Now if it was my sole decision to unblacklist them or not, I would not do it, however it is not. Members are not blacklisted or unblacklisted by community decision, that is left up to the council to decide alone, however we often times make the decision regarding a members outcome based off of the overall opinions of the community as that is what really matters here, rather than my own. This is why lazy was unblacklisted. Although I did not want him to be, it was clear the community felt otherwise and I set my feelings aside and re-evaluated the situation and took into account the opinions presented by members of this community and proceeded with his unblacklist. I want you to realize that just because lazy was unblacklisted this does not validate jayce's unblacklist request. These are two separate cases with different separate reasoning's for each. I want you to read fully what I posted and understand why we did what we did and then make your own decision as a member of this community if we should indeed unblacklist him or not. I will be leaving this thread unlocked for 48 more hours to give users the chance to read my post and respond. At which point the thread will be locked and the council will decide its decision. TL:DR - If you dont bother to read my post then dont bother leaving a response.
  10. GoobNitro

    Battle of the Communites V

    The BOTC Event is being held on their Teamspeak: @Red John @James @NaisA- @Farid @SnoopDoge Please make sure you are on their teamspeak and ready to play prior to the event starting. Time of First Game: Game 2| HellsGamers Vs AlliedGaming @4:30 PM EST Teamspeak info below: Host: ts.edge-gamers.com Port: Default (9987) Password: No password currently set.
  11. GoobNitro

    Battle of the Communites V

    Battle Of The Communities Final Roster First off I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to sign up and participate in our practice games to get ready for the BOTC Event on June 23rd - June 24th! The final team is as follows: June 23rd Day 1 Team: @Red John @James @Farid @NaisA- @SnoopDoge June 24th Day 2 Team: @Red John @James @Farid @MelonsRule @SnoopDoge Substitutes: @MrSpeakerZ @Sky Charity: Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital https://www.stjude.org/ Below is some information that all users participating will need to know prior to the event: Bracket: https://challonge.com/BOTCV Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17CG1gdeFFCVQY_InRLZpheTprH5n79JWxEFCiuXHkgo/edit?usp=sharing The following is the schedule for all games during the 2018 eGO Battle of the Communities from June 23rd to June 24th *Teams should be in server 15 minutes before game start time* *All Times are EST* June 23rd Normal Bracket | Losers Bracket Game 1| GFL Clan Vs TangoWorldWide @4:30 PM Game 2| HellsGamers Vs AlliedGaming @4:30 PM Game 3| Loser of Game 1 Vs Loser of Game 2 @5:45 PM Game 4| Winner of Game 1 Vs EdgeGamers @5:45 PM Game 5| Winner of Game 3 Vs Loser of Game 4 @7:00 PM June 24th Semi Finals and Grand Final (BO3) Game 6| Winner of Game 6 Vs Winner of Game 5 @12:00 PM Game 7| Winner of Game 9 Vs Loser of Game 10 @3:15 PM Game 8| Winner of Game 10 Vs Winner of Game 11 @6:30 PM In-Game Procedures Map will be decided before game with the captain from each team. All teams will be given 15 minutes of warm up before each match, and to gather their team into the server. When the game starts each side will knife to determine sides. Each team has one timeout per half. First to 16 wins the match. If teams tie in regulation then overtime will start. Teams are given $16000 in overtime. Rules -short version- Full list here Please take the time to read the full rule list if you are participating in event! ALL PLAYERS MUST RECORD THEIR OWN DEMO TO SUBMIT UPON REQUEST!!!! 1. A team will consist of up to eight players. 2. If a team is not able to attend, they will lose by default. 3. If a team is not able to complete a match, they will lose by default. 4. No substitutes will be allowed once the match starts. 5. Each team is allowed a single time out per match. 6. Any disconnects during a round will be considered a death for that player. 7. Matches will be played on the eGO CS:GO Event Server with eGO Tournament Staff to moderate. 8. The tournament will be a double elimination setup. 9. The first team to win 16 rounds will be the winner. 10. Players with a previous VAC ban on any account within the past 365 days or have less than 25 hours recorded on CS:GO will not be allowed to enter. 11. VAC bans received at any point during the tournament, regardless of the game, will be considered an automatic disqualification. 12. Players will record demos of all their matches and be willing to submit them for review upon request. 13. Cheating of any kind will result in the team's removal from this and possibly future tournaments. 14. All eGO Rules apply. I spoke with all of the people participating about the event being delayed. Turns out it is back on for June 23rd and 24th again, just with the time slots being moved up for each game due to another community dropping out. Please take a moment to review the new changes in the game times to make sure you are still able to make it to the event without issue. I need to submit the official team/charity by TODAY so please make sure if there is an issue you contact me asap! @Farid @James @NaisA- @MelonsRule @Red John @Sky @MrSpeakerZ @SnoopDoge
  12. GoobNitro

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    Ima just gonna go ahead and lock this thread. You didn't follow any format of any kind, whether it be an abuse report, unban request, etc.....you also admitted to breaking rules to try to get his attention and were rude to him.....he only banned you for an hour hella late at night.....you should have just gone to sleep....
  13. GoobNitro

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    Hey so it came to my attention that the practice last night turned into a 10 man and the actual team didn't even play together as a team lol.....I think it would be good if you all tried to get together again and played as a group in a competitive match or something so you can actually play together as a team rather than just playing in the same game..... I've already messaged a few of you and will try to get a hold of the rest....if you have time to play 1 or maybe 2 40ish min games this weekend on csgo as a team I think it couldn't hurt to do it again... @Red John @Sky @MelonsRule @SnoopDoge @James @Farid @NaisA-
  14. GoobNitro


    @SoBe @Tim @Timothy Now that both members have shared their point of views I think there is no longer a reason to keep this thread open. You both have different stories as to what happened over a year ago and due to the fact that there is no evidence and this happened outside of Allied-Gaming I am going to have to ask both of you to talk about this in private if you wish to continue your conversation. Tim I am sorry if you feel like you have been wronged by Sobe, but there are still a ton of great people here in Allied-Gaming and I hope regardless of this outcome you decide to come back to AG fully. Sometimes things dont work out in life the way we want them too, and we just have to use those things to help us grow as a person.....I hope you learned something from this whole ordeal and I hope you can eventually move to the point where you feel comfortable being in Allied-Gaming again! P.S. You still have yet to pick an account you want to use primarily so please message me directly on forums when you decide so we can remove one. Thread Locked
  15. GoobNitro


    its because you have made 2 separate accounts with 2 different emails.....please pick one account to use so I can delete the other account as we do not allow users to have more than 1 account on the forums.