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  • Congratulations to our R6 Team for making it into IEG! Their first match is on Friday, go support them!
  • We're taking the community in a whole new direction. Go join a Division, make a team with some friends and participate/compete within your Division for prizes!
  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!


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  1. Lucidious

    [CSGO Staff Application][Zer04k]

    For now I will approve you as a Moderator. Get some time in and we'll see from there. -- Closed
  2. Lucidious

    [CSGO Staff Application][Zer04k]

    I'm going to leave this as is for now for any further replies, I'll answer it later on tonight though.
  3. Lucidious

    [CSGO Staff Application][Its_Vortex]

    I'm gonna go ahead and ACCEPT this as you were a kickass staff member way back when. You'll start as a Moderator and if you bring your activity up, we'll see about you moving towards Admin -Locked
  4. Lucidious


    WoW, Blade and Soul, Black Desert Online, FFXIV Though BnS, and BDO are my two top played, recently re bought a subscription for WoW.
  5. Lucidious

    [CSGO Staff Application][™Its_Vort∑x]

    @ItsVortex I haven't seen you on much since I rejoined, nor has this been commented on since June 9th. I'm going to go ahead deny this for now. Once you show some increased activity, feel free to reapply and I will take it into consideration.
  6. Lucidious

    [CSGO Staff Application][Bambino]

    Seeing as you are very active on the server, while also being very friendly and helpful to anyone that joins, I'm going to go ahead and ACCEPT this application. When @SharK is online he will give you your rank. -- Closed
  7. Lucidious

    [CSGO Staff Application][Bambino]

    From the time that I have been on at the same time you are, you've shown some serious dedication to helping players, whether it's answering questions in regards to surf or to things outside of that. I won't give my response yet, other than a +1, but I'll give some others the time to respond before I make the decision.
  8. Lucidious

    [CSGO Staff Application][Lucidious]

    Age: 20 almost 21 TimeZone: Eastern Recommended By: Shark How Long Have You Been Apart Of Allied-Gaming: Before becoming inactive due to irl things, between 1 and 2 years Link(s) to GameTracker Times for Each Server: None yet since Surf just reopened Which Server Will You Be Most Active On: Surf How Many Hours/Week Will You Be Active For: Anytime I'm at home and not busy Which Server Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: Racism and spam What Is Something You Would Like To Accomplish While Being Staff: Help create a comfortable gaming environment for anyone who joins AG, either old players coming back, or new ones joining Are You Active on Forums/Discord/Teamspeak: I plan to be Do You Know Sourcemod: Very well, yes.