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  1. Cavsoft

    I'm Turning 21

    im his only friend and imma be busy doing comp shit :L
  2. Cavsoft

    I'm Turning 21

    Hookers and blow bro
  3. Yeah I mean at this point in time with R6 ranked is a complete joke. I don't even touch it as much anymore tbh it's just thunt to warm up then scrims.
  4. Nice bait. Lisa is a very competent fragger and has some of the best comms on the team it's just so happens that support is where she fits in and is comfortable. Please know the full background before you talk shit thanks
  5. That would be cool man. We don't play ranked too often tho 😧
  6. Thank you Asian and Goob for having us. For those curious, our team brings a vast amount of experience, 3 of our members originally come from xbox and transitioned into PC after ubi got rid of the Xbox pro league. We are currently preparing for many of the open qualifiers coming up for the USA Nationals, Challenger League, and much more. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and we will proudly represent the brand of Allied Gaming as we make our run at breaking out into the upper echelons of Siege.