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  1. Ellie

    TTT Custom Change Log

    (MOVED OVER FROM OLD FORUMS.) This log is generally meant for developers and to give a sense of transparency to the users. 12/6/2017 Gameplay - Double jump has been added to the server by default. Just press space bar twice. (Possibility: Force double jump to only work somewhere near max 1st jump, to stop people from double jumping twice below to NOT die. Pointshop 2 related stuff - Harley Quinn removed from PS2, it was a model, not a player model, and that's a whole 'nother world to delve into. Tools - Cake anti cheat now works for staff! Please type !cac_menu to see it. Adjusted some things to automatically perm ban anyone using hacks in the server, as beforehand it was set to kick only. To Do list - Remove double jump from ps buy options. Remove harley quinn from ps buy options. That is all ~Esbelto --------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/12/2017 Gameplay Related - Death emblems are added! VIP Only, if you are a donator and press "f6" a death emblem creator will appear, here you can create a shitty cod like emblem to display to your enemies when you dick them down, press f6 to access and the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around your emblem, share YOUR type of cancer to players now basically. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/16/2017 Quality Of Life Change - Death emblems are now able to display the role of the killer! Enjoy! This should help you decide if the person is rdming or not! --------------------------------------------------------------------- 28/12/17 (12/28/17) New Skins Added Thresh, Tron Anon and Daedric added for anyone to purchase. Mr Meeseeks added and is donator only. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 08/01/2018 (01/08/2018) New Maps Added ttt_forest_final ttt_nuketown ttt_office_gm ttt_fastfood_a6
  2. Ellie

    B E E S in MY League?

    I bought this skin as soon as it came out and I have no regrets.
  3. Ellie

    Art commissions for the community!

    Characters Name: Ellie Hair color: Blonde ofc Skin color: White Eye color: blue/green/grey Hair length: Down to my boobs I guess? Accessories: I wear small gold hoop earrings, I have a cross necklace (silver) Clothing: I tend to wear graphic t-shirts. Additional comments: If you could include my gorgeous Lilly I'd appreciate it (see pictures). Also some kind of homage to my Queen would be amazing too <3 Love the art work!
  4. Ellie

    Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    Thanks for everything Richard. You were a very dedicated staff member!
  5. Ellie

    Goob in CSGO

  6. Good luck. :) Excited to see what happens.
  7. PLEASE READ BEFORE VOTING ON THE POLL As I'm sure a lot of you are aware the Custom TTT server has been rather...dead. While I won't go into too much detail about my personal life I want to assure you I haven't stopped playing just because I can't be bothered. I'm sure a lot of people see me playing League while not playing on Garry's Mod and I'll get onto that in a minute. My dad's health has declined slightly and he'll be having a procedure on his heart - a very scary thing for his daughter to come to terms with. My health has not been great either, due to stress and other factors. I've had work and family commitments also. Mentally I haven't been myself and I haven't felt like going onto a server and sitting on it for hours on end keeping it populated, if at all. And that's what it was like for me when the server was doing okay. I would sit on the server by myself sending out invite after invite to everyone on my friend's list until people joined. That is how it became populated every day. If I left the server the server would die. My staff team didn't show enough commitment to keep the server going when I wasn't on even after I spoke to them about it. No one can deny that. I've had people tell me they would play, help me populate it, but they never did. I'm not prepared to sit there for hours trying to get the server going. I'm not, and I'm not sorry about it either. When I started the server it was to help AG out. I put a lot of hours into the server and I was very proud of it. It was my baby. However, after a few months of okay population (not the best - but gmod is a dying game so I never expected an amazing established population of new players and with our 24/7 MC server I knew it would always be the underdog competing for players within the community), it soon died out. I stopped getting enjoyment from it and so I played League more. I was enjoying spending time with my friends again and it was a good distraction. After the higher-ups meeting I had people poking me on Teamspeak asking me not to take the server down because they liked it. Nobody attempted to populate and play on it. Nobody messaged me asking me why the server wasn't populated or if I wanted to play/help get it going. I did have one person message me on Steam asking me what was happening with the server and I only had one answer to the question. It was dead. It's very depressing for me to admit that, trust me. Now onto the point of this post! After speaking with Goob he asked me what I wanted to happen to the server. I answered honestly because I don't want to waste my time on a server that wouldn't become anything. I said if I were to be realistic about it I would say take the server down. But I don't want that. I don't want to give up on it but I don't see another option. I've lost my motivation, no one seems to want to do anything about it (if you do then message me you twat I'm almost always reachable). So we have three options, really. OPTION 1 --- Take the server down. OPTION 2 --- Keep the server up but find a new Server Manager to take over. OPTION 3 --- Keep the server up and keep me as Server Manager. I no longer feel I want to run a server that requires so much of my time (sitting on it on my own trying to get it populated - not the maintenance of it). If I'm being honest with myself and you guys I genuinely don't enjoy Garry's Mod the way I did before and that's because I was forcing myself to sit on the server for so long each and every day. I burnt myself out. All I wanted to do was help Allied-Gaming, and I'd like to think I accomplished my goal. So now it's up to the community with what happens to the server. I didn't want to be the only one to make the decision, I wanted to know for sure whether or not the Server is done, so please give me your input and answer the poll honestly. Please be respectful and don't troll, this is in serious discussions and should be treated as such. Thanks for reading! <3
  8. Ellie

    Garry's Mod Custom TTT Server

    Please don't buff the flare gun. I added the Golden Dragon as an actual weaponized flare gun of sorts. The flare gun wasn't made to shoot people it was made to shoot dead bodies. D o n ' t b u f f t h e f l a r e g u n I t ' s j u s t a m e m e
  9. Ellie

    [Ban Appeal] [TeamSpeak3] [SnoopDoge]

    Hmm.. Difficult. I'm going to say +1 to unban him. (if he hasn't been already) While Snoop did break a rule I would have thought, and hoped, that the TeamSpeak SM would be a bit more understanding of the circumstance surrounding this situation. Context is important. Rules are more like guidelines in a way. If someone is continuously breaking rules and doing it to troll or cause losses in games then I'd understand but this was a one time thing that seemed important. I don't know the whole story (maybe you could have AFK'd and come back? Idk). Still it seems like a harsh ban.
  10. Ellie

    Garry's Mod Custom TTT Server

    FROM DISCORD: Stuart4l-Today at 3:51 AM Don’t feel like having to sign in again to reply and I don’t feel like going on forums but I think we should keep it up, with or without Ellie. Ellie if you stay try changing it and holding events or something.
  11. Ellie

    Biting Nails Help

    I used to bite my nails and then one day I stopped. Now I have long, strong nails but I have to keep them short-ish for work. I honestly can't say why I stopped because I don't know. I tried the anti-nail bite serum that tastes bitter as hell and it didn't work, but honestly for me I started wearing gel nail polish because it's stronger than normal polish and that must have helped. Good luck to you, though. I know how annoying it can be!
  12. Ellie

    TinyChat Event Saturday, April 14th

    I'm working the Sunday so I won't be able to attend due to the time difference. Hope it's fun though!
  13. Ellie


    Hopefully it goes well but idk. Surprised you've announced it already. I've voiced my concerns so w/ever.
  14. Ellie

    The BTFG Saga

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck. This is great, good job bro. It's still a no.
  15. Ellie

    Karaoke Night!

    This Friday (the 30th, as voted by the community on discord) I will be hosting a Karaoke event on the Teamspeak. It will start at 8pm CST (2am GMT). I will be playing a variety of songs and will do my best to take requests but it gets a bit overwhelming and sometimes I miss songs. Please note if I start playing a song and nobody sings within 20 seconds I will be changing to another song. I will also be holding a competition during the event. You will get the chance to sing ANY song you want to completely solo. I will be the judge and I will not be judging on the singing abilities but rather the enthusiasm and the effort that goes into the song. Everyone can enter - whether you can sing like an angel or sound like a cat being swung across the room. It doesn't matter! The prizes will be as follows: 3rd - Karaoke Runners Up tag on Teamspeak and Discord 2nd - Karaoke Runners Up tag on Teamspeak and Discord + a $5 dollar Steam gift card (or $5 RP on League - your choice) 1st - Karaoke Winner tag on Teamspeak and Discord + a $10 dollar Steam gift card (or $10 RP on League - your choice) To enter please reply to this thread and let me know so I can put you on the list, and include the song you would like to sing! I look forward to seeing you guys there! Teamspeak : ts3.allied-gaming.com
  16. Ellie

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    Me neither.
  17. Ellie

    PUBG or Fortnite

    You got me there. I guess if you go to vote and don't want to vote for either you just wasted your time like I have.
  18. Ellie

    PUBG or Fortnite

    You didn't give an option for neither. Did you not learn how to make polls in school? Smh Asian.
  19. Ellie

    Forum question

    Oh, good. Then that answers the question!
  20. Ellie

    Forum question

    Can't see this being an issue. We should have an art section of some sort for everyone to share their creativity. :)
  21. Ellie

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    hahah fuck Germany amirite
  22. Ellie

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    Actually gonna ban you Evee lmao. *cough* I mean: As previously discussed this is not an option. Buffing the flare gun is both pointless and broken. The flare gun is supposed to be used for disposing of bodies. I added the golden dragon as a way to appease you. If that isn't enough then bye. :)
  23. Defendant's Name: Xero Steam ID of Defendant: I don't know. (Discord ID: 190986452283293696) Are they Registered on Forums (Please tag them now): I don't believe so. I couldn't find him or @ him. He is registered on the old forums. Reason for Ban: Harassment and general toxicity. He was unbanned and it was deemed unnecessary as was an apology by Headline. The whole situation has been handled very poorly and if the issue at hand wasn't so personal to me I wouldn't be as bothered. But it is, Xero knows that and that's why he is doing it. People are making assumptions about how I may be feeling on my behalf. Xero has been doing this for a long time and clearly won't stop. I feel personal feelings are interfering with the decisions being made so I would like this to be approached completely unbiased and based only on the evidence and patterns repeating themselves such as past behaviour. Evidence (Logs, Screenshot, Demo, Shadowplay): Thank you to Kawaii and Koukla for gathering evidence for me and helping me with all of this. Xero 1 Xero 2 Evidence of what didn't help/escalated the situation. Xero has also been banned in the past for the same kind of reason: http://allied-gaming.com/threads/xero.10453/ *miscellaneous screenshot* https://i.gyazo.com/5a135642ca64ac2d2e54948eecd9e231.png I discussed with Headline how he acted in the situation but not about Xero other than "you should have stopped him" in which he replied "from what?". Evidence of this: https://i.imgur.com/ymWMtcM.png Witnesses: @DoubleCaret @Esbelto @Kurama Koukla @kekbun was also a witness to this.
  24. Rules: * Do not RDM – proof is needed to kill or damage another player. * Killing on suspicion is not allowed. * Prop pushing and killing is allowed as long as its not RDM. * Prop surfing is not allowed. * Claiming areas is not allowed. * Camping an area for more than 1 minute is not allowed and is slayable. * Goomba stomping is allowed as long as it's not RDM. * Door blockers must be given 3 warnings to move before shooting. * Do not harm AFKs until overtime, or let a staff member handle them. * Give a person a reasonable amount of time to ID a body before killing them. * Do not exploit the map. * Delaying the round as any role may result in a slay. * Do not target staff/players. (Repeatedly knifing/following the same player) * Use a readable name, at least 3 characters from A-Z and 0-9. * Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. (Racism, sexism etc.) * Do not harass other players. * Do not advertise other servers. * Hacks/Scripts of any kind are not allowed. * Overusing mics may result in a gag. * English only – it is essential for communication. * Do not impersonate staff. * Porn/Gore/Shock and generally disturbing sprays are not allowed. * Do not claim you are a Traitor to lower people's karma. This may result in a kick. Traitors: * Traitors may not hint or give away their teammates unless other T buddy agrees. * Traitors must call out traps in team chat, verbal or written. * Traitors may not damage other traitors purposefully, unless coordinated with your teammates. * Traitors may not camp in the traitor room. After 30 seconds you will be warned, 30 seconds after the warning you will be slain. Detectives: * Only detectives may force test a player after 3 sufficiently timed warnings, verbal or in chat. If the player refuses to test it may result in a KOS. You must be able to see a person to test them. * Innocent rules also apply to Detectives. KOSable: * Throwing incendiary grenades near players - even if it doesn't harm the players. * Throwing discombobulators where it can damage players (on a high ledge for example). * Walking by a visible unidentified body. Also applies to holding un-IDd bodies. * Equipping a Traitor weapon/equipment without announcing that you've got it. * Preventing the innocents and detectives from testing. * Traitor baiting - shooting at or near another player, can not KOS for shooting out the map, in the sky etc. * Damaging someone with a prop (Must be 5 or more HP). * Continuously prop pushing. * Falsely delcaring yourself proven. (Testing must be witnessed by at least 2 other players or 1 Detective.) * Destroying any Detective equipment(Visualizer, Healing station) or taking a recently dropped detective weapon off the ground after a Detective has warned not to. * You may use logic/process of elimination to determine who is a traitor. Logic does NOT override rules, here are some situations that you can use logic in: Having a Radar as Detective and you only see 1 radar circle up, meaning it's only you and the Traitor. Someone announcing they have a Traitor or Detective weapon without any T's or D's being ID etc. * Hiding or destroying bodies with DNA or evidence. * You can KOS a person for false KOSing you. * Going into a T room/Coming out of a T room. * You can live check at any time but you can only live check or KOS in overtime. Detectives do not have to reply to live checks. * Following someone is KOSable if 3 clear warnings (written or verbal) are giving with at least 2 seconds between each warning. Map Specific KOS's: Destroying a T tester - for example on 67th Way. Non-KOSable: * You may not KOS a location. * You may not KOS a player looking near a traitor trap. * You may not KOS a player based on their appearance. Punishments: * RDMing a Innocent as an Innocent/Detective will result in 1 slay. * RDMing a Detective as an Innocent/Detective will result in 2 slays. * RDMing a Traitor will result in 2 slays. * Mass RDM (4+) will result in a monthly to permanent ban, based on the amount of RDMs. * Ghosting will result in a 1 month ban. * Consistent RDM will result in a week ban. * Slay evading(leaving before you've served your slays) will result in the slays being attached to your Steam ID, you will serve them the next time you come on the server. * Harassing players/Racism/Sexism/Bullying and general bigotry will result in a gag/mute if this persists multiple times, it will be a permanent ban. * Mic/chat spamming will result in a permanent gag/mute after 3 warnings. * Any sort of hacking/scripting will result in a permanent ban. * Advertising will result in a permanent ban. * Spraying anything against the server rules will result in a warning, a kick, and then a 1 week ban. * Prop surfing will get you teleported down to ground level and a warn. If this persists past the warn, you will be slain. *THESE ARE GUIDELINES - STAFF MEMBERS MAY CHANGE PUNISHMENTS IN SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.*