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  1. Ellie

    B E E S in MY League?

    I bought this skin as soon as it came out and I have no regrets.
  2. Ellie

    Art commissions for the community!

    Characters Name: Ellie Hair color: Blonde ofc Skin color: White Eye color: blue/green/grey Hair length: Down to my boobs I guess? Accessories: I wear small gold hoop earrings, I have a cross necklace (silver) Clothing: I tend to wear graphic t-shirts. Additional comments: If you could include my gorgeous Lilly I'd appreciate it (see pictures). Also some kind of homage to my Queen would be amazing too <3 Love the art work!
  3. Ellie

    Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    Thanks for everything Richard. You were a very dedicated staff member!
  4. Ellie

    Goob in CSGO

  5. Good luck. :) Excited to see what happens.
  6. Ellie

    Garry's Mod Custom TTT Server

    Please don't buff the flare gun. I added the Golden Dragon as an actual weaponized flare gun of sorts. The flare gun wasn't made to shoot people it was made to shoot dead bodies. D o n ' t b u f f t h e f l a r e g u n I t ' s j u s t a m e m e
  7. Ellie

    [Ban Appeal] [TeamSpeak3] [SnoopDoge]

    Hmm.. Difficult. I'm going to say +1 to unban him. (if he hasn't been already) While Snoop did break a rule I would have thought, and hoped, that the TeamSpeak SM would be a bit more understanding of the circumstance surrounding this situation. Context is important. Rules are more like guidelines in a way. If someone is continuously breaking rules and doing it to troll or cause losses in games then I'd understand but this was a one time thing that seemed important. I don't know the whole story (maybe you could have AFK'd and come back? Idk). Still it seems like a harsh ban.
  8. Ellie

    Garry's Mod Custom TTT Server

    FROM DISCORD: Stuart4l-Today at 3:51 AM Don’t feel like having to sign in again to reply and I don’t feel like going on forums but I think we should keep it up, with or without Ellie. Ellie if you stay try changing it and holding events or something.
  9. PLEASE READ BEFORE VOTING ON THE POLL As I'm sure a lot of you are aware the Custom TTT server has been rather...dead. While I won't go into too much detail about my personal life I want to assure you I haven't stopped playing just because I can't be bothered. I'm sure a lot of people see me playing League while not playing on Garry's Mod and I'll get onto that in a minute. My dad's health has declined slightly and he'll be having a procedure on his heart - a very scary thing for his daughter to come to terms with. My health has not been great either, due to stress and other factors. I've had work and family commitments also. Mentally I haven't been myself and I haven't felt like going onto a server and sitting on it for hours on end keeping it populated, if at all. And that's what it was like for me when the server was doing okay. I would sit on the server by myself sending out invite after invite to everyone on my friend's list until people joined. That is how it became populated every day. If I left the server the server would die. My staff team didn't show enough commitment to keep the server going when I wasn't on even after I spoke to them about it. No one can deny that. I've had people tell me they would play, help me populate it, but they never did. I'm not prepared to sit there for hours trying to get the server going. I'm not, and I'm not sorry about it either. When I started the server it was to help AG out. I put a lot of hours into the server and I was very proud of it. It was my baby. However, after a few months of okay population (not the best - but gmod is a dying game so I never expected an amazing established population of new players and with our 24/7 MC server I knew it would always be the underdog competing for players within the community), it soon died out. I stopped getting enjoyment from it and so I played League more. I was enjoying spending time with my friends again and it was a good distraction. After the higher-ups meeting I had people poking me on Teamspeak asking me not to take the server down because they liked it. Nobody attempted to populate and play on it. Nobody messaged me asking me why the server wasn't populated or if I wanted to play/help get it going. I did have one person message me on Steam asking me what was happening with the server and I only had one answer to the question. It was dead. It's very depressing for me to admit that, trust me. Now onto the point of this post! After speaking with Goob he asked me what I wanted to happen to the server. I answered honestly because I don't want to waste my time on a server that wouldn't become anything. I said if I were to be realistic about it I would say take the server down. But I don't want that. I don't want to give up on it but I don't see another option. I've lost my motivation, no one seems to want to do anything about it (if you do then message me you twat I'm almost always reachable). So we have three options, really. OPTION 1 --- Take the server down. OPTION 2 --- Keep the server up but find a new Server Manager to take over. OPTION 3 --- Keep the server up and keep me as Server Manager. I no longer feel I want to run a server that requires so much of my time (sitting on it on my own trying to get it populated - not the maintenance of it). If I'm being honest with myself and you guys I genuinely don't enjoy Garry's Mod the way I did before and that's because I was forcing myself to sit on the server for so long each and every day. I burnt myself out. All I wanted to do was help Allied-Gaming, and I'd like to think I accomplished my goal. So now it's up to the community with what happens to the server. I didn't want to be the only one to make the decision, I wanted to know for sure whether or not the Server is done, so please give me your input and answer the poll honestly. Please be respectful and don't troll, this is in serious discussions and should be treated as such. Thanks for reading! <3
  10. Ellie

    Biting Nails Help

    I used to bite my nails and then one day I stopped. Now I have long, strong nails but I have to keep them short-ish for work. I honestly can't say why I stopped because I don't know. I tried the anti-nail bite serum that tastes bitter as hell and it didn't work, but honestly for me I started wearing gel nail polish because it's stronger than normal polish and that must have helped. Good luck to you, though. I know how annoying it can be!
  11. Ellie

    TinyChat Event Saturday, April 14th

    I'm working the Sunday so I won't be able to attend due to the time difference. Hope it's fun though!
  12. Ellie


    Hopefully it goes well but idk. Surprised you've announced it already. I've voiced my concerns so w/ever.
  13. Ellie

    The BTFG Saga

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck. This is great, good job bro. It's still a no.
  14. Ellie

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    Me neither.