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  1. Cameron

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    and your msg says don't break the rules or I will issue a one hour ban I don't remember breaking rules after that warning but you issued the ban not even 2 minutes after it? hmmm
  2. Cameron

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    you got most of your fact wrong you moved me in for 1 minute and before I could ask you anymore question after requesting the tags you kicked me and you never asked me to leave you alone before banning me and yesterday I msged you once after you kicked me so me spamming you is basicly a winny staff member trying to make up for your mistake just man up to and in my 2 days back on the teamspeak after being gone for 9 months I've heard about 5-9 people call you a terrible staff member and not see you staying one for long
  3. Cameron

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    um sir you didn't move me in your channel that was last night i'm talking about tonight I had more questions
  4. Cameron

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    https://gyazo.com/b11469bcb5160da91ce50324fad53271 our chat
  5. Cameron

    Kina banning for me poking him?

    So I've been on this server for a while many know me as Please, Call Me Cameron I mainly played jailbreak and TTT with the cancer cell Subsy and I just decided to get on the old ts3 and see whos on When I asked to be moved to kina's teamspeak to ask him a question he has his "buddy" to not message him because i'm a loser if you want proof of that but not really the point there is a person I was talking to when I got pissed about that I decided to take another action and channel hope to get his attention but without warning he stripped me of my perms and msged me that I would be banned if continued so I know the most common punishment is a 15 min sticky then ban if continued but as I asked him why he didn't warn me and just went to the ban threat he said the punishment is what I see fit and p2 said that's how it is. As the conversation continued (for about 30 seconds before he just banned me for the reason "sry") he continued said that he is going to block me.