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  1. MelonsRule

    Need the community's thoughts

    I don't like small ass eitherrrr but my name says it all.... "Melons" rule 🙂
  2. MelonsRule

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    +1. I was so surprised to see Jayce blacklisted and in my honest opinion, he didn't really deserve it. Jayce is a great guy and very sincere about things he says, I have no doubt he will do only good if he is unblacklisted and he deserves a second chance like many others were given.
  3. MelonsRule

    Donation System Update

    I believe he is referring to the donation system we used under Prometheus, as it allowed for automation on the GMOD side of things as well. However, I'm excited to see the new system and all that it will provide! Thanks for the hard work!
  4. ;-; what does yea now you no permissions mean?
  5. MelonsRule

    TTT Custom Suggestion Thread

    Should provide a link so it's easier to find/more likely to be added! Just follow the format: Addon name: Link to addon on workshop: Filesize of addon:
  6. Application Denied. Oh wait, I don't have permission to do that. Sorry Daddy belto.
  7. MelonsRule

    Smash Bros Hype Train

    Brawl was the best hands down imo, but Marth all the way for me 🙂
  8. MelonsRule

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

    Merples loves me... so I'm not sure. I love him too, but I'm straight so its clearly not gay. Voted Straight for you Merples bb.
  9. MelonsRule

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    Is there any way we can conduct this an hour later? I’m at work till 10, at least I have a chance of making it there then. If not, that’s okay! I’m at work right now, so apologies.
  10. MelonsRule

    [Gmod Staff Application] [Merples]

    +1. Merples was a wonderful staff member when I first joined back at Allied-Gamers, and he has shown nothing but greatness and dedication in performing his duties. He would honestly be a much needed, and very exceptional addition to the team, and I am happy he has returned to the scene and decided to apply. Good luck!
  11. MelonsRule

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    Why'd I get put down as a Substitute ;-; I was available for the matches just issues with training.
  12. MelonsRule

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    My sincerest apologies for not being able to make it tonight. I had to work 2 extra hours at work today, and ended up missing the training. If anyone wants to add me on steam, https://steamcommunity.com/id/tr0picalparadise/, and fill me in on the map choices or what not, I will practice smokes, etc on my own. I will make sure to attend the next one! On a side note, I prefer teamspeak.
  13. MelonsRule

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    I will be there! Sorry, been busy lately.
  14. MelonsRule


    Welcome back! Hope to see ya around!
  15. MelonsRule

    Talking About Random Shit #8

    I'm still in college right now, in my second year. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and hope to one day be a Software Engineer. I currently work as a tech specialist for Apple though, on the side :)