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  1. DoubleCaret

    New chat for artists

    Everyone is already able to view media, but since people don't usually go into media to look at art related stuff we have this issue. Making Art it's own channel that needs a tag to get into would make a small community of people who are interested in the same thing which would allow it to be a pretty positive space.
  2. DoubleCaret

    New chat for artists

    +1 but it should be treated like the Anime channel where only people with the anime tag can view it. Right now our disc has a decent amount of channels so I think making an Art tag that allows people to post/look at the channel would be a good idea since only people interested in it would be posting.
  3. DoubleCaret


  4. DoubleCaret

    rip s4mple 2k18

    Sad to see you go but we already talked about this earlier in the year. I'll probably still give you some sort of power/rank for your year and a few months of dedication to the server since I know you're not going to be dumb with it. Come hop on the server from time to time and make sure to play some league with us. Good luck with school and everything else in your life, take care man.
  5. DoubleCaret

    [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    When @kekbunand I had a problem all we did was not talk to eachother when we were both typing in the discord and I had other staff deal with her, this isn't rocket science. Webster does not need to interact with Koukla and vice versa. My DM's on discord are open, my steam profile is public. I'm not sure why you didn't go to me directly if there was a problem. Next time there is a problem go to either of the SMs or me directly. It seems like the staff member you messaged didn't fix anything since I'm not aware of you making a complaint.
  6. DoubleCaret

    [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    Kawaii hasn't complained to a higher up or to me once, Koukla has stated multiple times that she doesn't want Web to interact with her. Not sure what point you just tried to make there.
  7. DoubleCaret

    [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    If people don't like anything I do they can easily PM me or a staff member about it and both weren't done, not sure why this is a point being made when my DMs are open and if she felt uncomfortable about talking to me directly so couldve went to anyone else about it. Same thing happens on my server where if nothing is reported or sent to admins about harassment, targetting etc we don't act on it. I interacted with Kawaii once when she joined the sever and that's about it, feel free to PM me if there is a problem @KawaiiSatan. I'm her fuckboy while she has a bf? Even I have been verbally warned or warned over text for stuff I have done by Koukla herself, mature up a lil bit. This whole thread can be summed up and done with by you two just not interacting with each other, there is no reason for you two to type to one another at all since you both are clearly not friends. Just be respectful of each other and move on.
  8. DoubleCaret

    Remove/Revise Rule 14

    -1 on the rule being changed. I don't need people wasting my time going through the queue timer, champ select, the loading screen and a minimum of 15 minutes to surrender when they could be not playing the game in the first place. I understand that you had IRL shit to do but based off of Cogito's and Goob's reply you didn't state this at the time(or you did, but vaguely). It also looks like you're getting upset that this rule got you banned so you're making a forum post to remove/revise it after it affected you, which doesn't seem like the right approach when the situation is already done and you are unbanned.
  9. DoubleCaret

    King Ross

    welcome to the new forums bud, one of my favorite AG SMs <3
  10. DoubleCaret

    Hi my name is Jack, and I hate myself.

    welcome back jack, I remember sending I sent pictures of my cat on forums for credits that one time.
  11. DoubleCaret

    [Demote Request][Forums][SnoopDoge]

    +1, everything in this thread shows a clear bias towards Kina, If you can't do your job correctly without harassing someone I don't see a reason for you to represent our forums. You can very easily hand the moderating job to any of our other forum mods, admins, roots or owners but instead you seem to constantly target Kina. Some of the posts were warranted and a lot of the posts weren't. If the higher ups don't agree on a demote you need to not handle any of the problems associated with Kina since you have showed that you can not handle it maturely.
  12. DoubleCaret

    Biting Nails Help

    buy a clear nail polish and put it on your nails, every time you go to bite you're gonna get a nasty taste that should stop you unless you like the way nail polish tastes. It has helped me a ton through the years. Make sure the nail polish you get is non-toxic though. this works too if you don't want to go out and buy nail polish this is probably your best bet, dont get anything with a lot of sugar since that's going to damage your teeth more than biting your nails already does. Make sure you pace the gum eating or your jaw is gonna hurt like you said, one every 45 mins should be fine until you can control the nail biting.
  13. DoubleCaret


    welcome to the new forums and ty for the achievement game
  14. DoubleCaret

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    +1, you were good to AG but you let everything get to you. Next time you should really just talk to people around you(including me) about whats bothering you. I see no harm in letting lazy back in since the damage that already happened is done, there is nothing more for him to do and he shows true remorse for his actions. Don't mess up whatever chance you get if you do get unblacklisted.
  15. DoubleCaret

    Kap Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Reintroduction

    welcome to the new forums, hopefully you can make the first resign post on here.