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  • Congratulations to our R6 Team for making it into IEG! Their first match is on Friday, go support them!
  • We're taking the community in a whole new direction. Go join a Division, make a team with some friends and participate/compete within your Division for prizes!
  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!


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  1. Merples

    Kurama Koukla's Resignation

    As long as we still get to carry League games I'm happy, thanks for all the work you did for the discord 🙂 not gay btw
  2. Sweet. I'll watch some of the streams.
  3. Merples

    4000th post

    Those were some great posts
  4. Merples

    Games to play

  5. Merples

    Need the community's thoughts

    Where the thighs at?
  6. Merples

    TTT Custom Suggestion Thread

    Addon name: ttt_airbus_b3 Link to addon on workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=253297309 Filesize of addon: 3.716 MB Very fun map, everyone loved it on the old AG TTT server.
  7. Merples

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

    Straighter than a ruler
  8. Merples

    [CS:GO Staff Application][Farid]

    +1 The server needs staff. Farid is og and dedicated to AG.
  9. Merples

    Community Nights

    I would participate in these, just give me a heads up.
  10. Merples

    Add a high staff section

    +1 Don’t see why there shouldn’t be one.
  11. Merples


    Glad that you’re alright!
  12. Merples

    Happy Birthday DeathLock!!

    Happy Birthday my guy! ╰(◕ᗜ◕)╯
  13. Merples

    Talking About Random Shit #6

    I think I joined around June 2014.
  14. Merples

    GMOD TTT #2 Deagle Showdown

    Yeah I guess.
  15. Merples

    The Trap Of CG

    Welcome nerd