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  1. KawaiiSatan

    Kurama Koukla's Resignation

    BIG GAY you are an omega cutie ♥ i'd hit you up any day. supports gotta stick together! you went above and beyond with the discord and met the needs of a lot of people, hopefully whoever takes your place will do the same! ILY♥
  2. KawaiiSatan

    This is why..

    I meant that if he now has free time and most of the that has passed, and if it hasn't why apply in the first place when he obviously won't have the time to deal with community and ts3 problems?
  3. KawaiiSatan

    This is why..

    Shouldnt you try to get your activity up as well as your activity as the event manager? show that you can take on high power by making events and managing them well.
  4. KawaiiSatan

    Unveiling our Rainbow Six | Siege Team

    Bad e-girl that lasts longer in fortnite than you do.
  5. KawaiiSatan

    Unveiling our Rainbow Six | Siege Team

    Local e-girl wants to hear the sexy voices tyvm.
  6. KawaiiSatan

    [TeamSpeak Staff Application] [Dalton/Dark]

    ^ Also what's the difference between ts3 admin and ts3 head admin? ts3 doesn't seem that hard to staff since most of the channels are privated and such. -1
  7. KawaiiSatan

    Need the community's thoughts

    REAL asians
  8. KawaiiSatan

    Need the community's thoughts

    I'll rephrase Asians don't have REAL Titties
  9. KawaiiSatan

    Need the community's thoughts

    he said titties and asians dont have da titties tho.
  10. KawaiiSatan

    Need the community's thoughts

    this is why asexuals are facing extinction, high suicide rates. call your governor and speak to them about asexual protection services. or better yet call the number on the screen and adopt your very own asexual 224-856-7102 (save asexuals today) don't actually call.
  11. KawaiiSatan

    Need the community's thoughts

    Where is the *Other* choice?
  12. KawaiiSatan

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

  13. KawaiiSatan

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

  14. KawaiiSatan

    Wizard 101

    im poor so i only got so far before i couldnt go anywhere.
  15. KawaiiSatan

    New chat for artists

    Heck yeah! one eyed bitch y'all