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  • Congratulations to our R6 Team for making it into IEG! Their first match is on Friday, go support them!
  • We're taking the community in a whole new direction. Go join a Division, make a team with some friends and participate/compete within your Division for prizes!
  • Most of our servers will be going down, all except our Surf server thanks to the hard work Shark has put into it!


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    $40 Keycap Code Giveaway

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    https://www.idea23.com/ Discount Code for $40 off your purchase. 1 Ticket per member. Thanks @Tizona for doing the giveaway!
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    Dead by Daylight Raffle

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    @Lazyboy900 is bringing 2 awesome prizes to help support our community! We're looking at Dead by Daylight, one of the trendiest games on Steam! 1 Ticket ($2.50) = 1 Entry for Raffle Our raffle picks winners automatically, so the more raffle tickets you have, the greater your chance at winning prizes are! Prizes 1st Prize: Dead by Daylight 2nd Prize: Dead by Daylight