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  1. eZ^


    I actually just started playing this recently since a friend of mine wanted me to play it with her.
  2. eZ^


    Anyone here play MMORPGs ? (Im sure there is) If so what one(s) do you actively play?
  3. eZ^

    Talking About Random Shit #14

    I once walked in on my ex's parents doing it.
  4. eZ^

    Surf Server SM

    Congrats @SharK!!
  5. eZ^

    Quittrying introduction

    Welcome back Quit, glad to see you back
  6. eZ^

    [CSGO Staff Application][bsd]

    bump. Looking for more input
  7. eZ^

    [CSGO Staff Application][Red John]

    @Sky can I get your input @kekbun I already gave my +1 so its your decision seeing as he'll be most active on your server. More input welcome too from the community Under Review
  8. eZ^

    This is why..

    Can you help me fix my printer?
  9. eZ^

    [CSGO Staff Application][Red John]

    can I +1 ? cause +1
  10. eZ^

    This is why..

    Glad to have you back man.
  11. Neat. Good luck to you all.
  12. eZ^

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

    dont worry i gotchu
  13. eZ^

    Add a high staff section

    We've had a section for high staff to post regarding important topics on the previous forums. Can we get that again?
  14. eZ^

    Community Nights

    In an effort to increase server activity, I think we should host community nights for every server. IE: we get a minimum of 10 willing people to all play on one server a night/day for a few hours. The next day we would switch to a different server. Hopefully new comers browsing servers seeing 10 people on one server would make them more interested in joining rather than seeing 3-5 people on. And if they have a fun time they would likely favorite the server and come back more often. We can easily set up a community night schedule on forums and people would be able to say if they will be participating or not. Maybe we could throw in some kind of reward/gift for those that participate? Thoughts?
  15. Farid

    sir ur pfp looks lewd

    1. NaisA-


      I strongly agree.