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  1. Talking About Random Shit #6

    Around April 20th, 2014
  2. how does this work

  3. I guess I'm back

    weren't you the one who gave me retired back in TTT#2 so I was able to open porn on everyone's screen?
  4. [Forum Staff Application][Bunyip]

    You're actually retarded
  5. Colors on Forums

    You should post the hex colors for them too. That will help so someone doesn't have to go into PS and eye drop them The only problem with those is forum mod as a dark color will conflict with the background and make it hard to see.
  6. Big oooo thanks to Headline

    Clean your desk
  7. SoBe's Forum Staff Application

    I'm going to -1 this. You are lacking exceptional forum activity and besides your new topic saturday, you haven't posted in about a month. Here is the query for this: select count(*), core_members.name from core_moderator_logs join core_members on core_members.member_id = core_moderator_logs.member_id where core_members.member_group_id = '17' or core_members.member_group_id = '8' or core_members.member_group_id = '4' or core_members.member_id = '14' or core_members.member_id = '8' group by core_moderator_logs.member_id order by 1 desc This is an image of the count of mod actions forum staff have done. I just don't see a place where you can fit in as there just isn't a demand for forum staff. And here are the count of reports completed with the most recent one done Query: select count(*), FROM_UNIXTIME(MAX(comment_date)), author_name from core_rc_comments where comment = '<strong>Updated the status</strong> of the report to <strong>Complete</strong>' group by core_rc_comments.author_name order by 1 desc I just don't see a place where you can fit in as there just isn't a demand for forum staff.
  8. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    @Esbelto @KawaiiSatan @Kimilinni Stop. Its becoming a harassment fest and not relevant to the topic.
  9. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    My bad then. The name implied it was his to me.
  10. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    Going off of this, why does he have a private a channel on discord when they are designated for donators? I'm looking at the donations list right now and I don't see his name anywhere on there.
  11. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    This is the point I'm trying to get out of this entire thing. I know I broke the rules and faced the punishments, but the inconsistency is what drove met to make the post.
  12. Defendant's Name: @Kurama Koukla Steam ID of Defendant: Irrelevant Are they Registered on Forums (Please tag them now): @Kurama Koukla Reason for Demote: Unjust targetting. I have by far the most the most warnings for unjust reasons. Evidence (Logs, Screenshot, Demo, Shadowplay): I have had 10 warnings on discord, several mutes, and even a ban for reasons that other people have done, but because Kurama has it out for me, I was warned and punished for them. Heres an outdated list of warnings from yesterday morning. Since then I've had 2 more. Yes, I do believe some of reasonable reasons to be warned, but not all of them. The other two ones I'm missing are: Harassment posting image with n word Lets start with the most recent and the situation that sparked this today.. I called her a nazi sm. That's it. Taking a look into the rules on discord, you will find nothing relating this to being a rule you have to follow. But because I said it, it is now magically a rule and something to be punished for. Taking a look into the chat logs, you can find other instances of people calling her a nazi sm, and not being punished for it. She has even called herself "nazi potato sm" to embrace the role of what she is. The next instance today was for harassment. So asking a question is against the rules now? Poor short term memory is a warning sign of mental problems and I have always been worried for people's mental health. However, as she has it out for me she took it the wrong way. A simple response to this would have been, "No, I don't. I just don't remember what I ate yesterday." Simple and to the point and answers the question. No need to get all personal about it. I was also warned yesterday for the same reason. What did I say? "Fascist discord sm". Someone else said something similar about the situation, but I was the only one who got the warn. Also the definition for fascism involves "forcible suppression of opposition and dictatorial power." What is happening in the discord definitely supports those definitions and is not a false statement. I was also warned for being toxic for saying 'n a z i m o d s' . Still not against any rules in the discord and not something to be warned for. Other people also supported the statement so where are their warns? I've also lost some privileges that I earned through activity on the discord. I've had my ability to post images in general chat current, and in the past I've last the ability to to react to posts. I lost my ability to post images in the general chat because I apparently was posting irrelevant images. I believed they were relevant to the ongoing topic at the time and enhanced it. Look at these pictures. They were all done in general chat by the discord sm. Its the same exact thing I did. https://gyazo.com/d93d1a1be065cc64322a21607f08e9ea https://gyazo.com/f1ee63a4549255cfbadf9e687aea141a https://gyazo.com/d15dab85b00f894cabea72a9c5710354 The rule I apparently broke was "Keep all content in its corresponding channel". Aren't these images better suited for #Media or #Memes? So why isn't her ability to post images in general chat removed? I main think its either the same argument that I have. She believes it relevant to the current conversation or because she has it out for me, she found any loose fitting reason to remove the ability. I previously lost the ability to post reactions because I emote spammed. Emote spamming is not a discord rule so why would someone be punished for it? I've also been warned for harassing staff for being staff. All I did was post a image, that got removed, So I guess the discord is a safe space for staff and any criticism can be taken as harassment and you would be breaking a rule. If you can't handle being shit talked for what you're doing, don't be staff. That simple. Staff aren't always going to loved and you can't force people to like you. I also have other minor warnings that I slightly deserved a talking to, but not a warning. I was warned for posting hentai. Technically since it only suggestive and didn't show anything, its only ecchi and not hentai. Or how I was warning for posting an image with n word in it? Like really? Take into the context of the image. We were talking about who has phone numbers at the time and Esbelto sent me a text long ago with that being the sole word. It wasn't aimed at anyone. No nazi symbols. Why is this even here? Witnesses: Its discord.
  13. If you don't know me you're lucky!

    Nice profile picture.
  14. You Know Who I Am.

    I unfortunatly know who you are
  15. Goob in CSGO