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  1. Red John

    [CSGO Staff Application][Red John]

    We still have old wins. and yeah dont scare people away with ur skill, pls
  2. Red John

    hi xd

    Hello m8, its very nice to see you again!
  3. Red John

    [CSGO Staff Application][Red John]

    Age: 19 TimeZone: EST Recommended By: friends that i don't have How Long Have You Been Apart Of Allied-Gaming: since new forums, been a part of CG before for a year or two Link(s) to GameTracker Times for Each Server: https://www.gametracker.com/player/Red John/ https://www.gametracker.com/player/Red John/ https://www.gametracker.com/player/Constantine/ Which Server Will You Be Most Active On: HG mostly, 1vs1 as well How Many Hours/Week Will You Be Active For: 20-25 hours easily a week, maybe more Which Server Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: Teaming on beacons in HG, mic spamming What Is Something You Would Like To Accomplish While Being Staff: I want to make AG a better and more friendly community to newcomers, and i want to bring HG back to its past glory. And by being previously an admin on HG and with 300+ hours played i think i am capable and committed enough to achieve this goal. Are You Active on Forums/Discord/Teamspeak: I read Forums almost every day, usually active on Discord, sometimes in TS Do You Know Sourcemod: i started to learn it, but didnt have motivation to continue, because CG died (and i didnt get HA for TTT xD) P. S. Top 1 rn on 1v1, come and try to beat me xD
  4. Red John

    Hunger Games is Back!

    I am so glad to see it finally back. We all need to put our efforts tho, to populate it.
  5. Red John

    Aye I’m back

    Hope u feel better now, welcome back!
  6. Red John

    Unlock Wowo

  7. Red John

    Unlock Wowo

    If you want to deal with this personally, dm people you want to talk to. But when you do a public thread anyone can comment and give his opinion. Thats is getting our of hand, dont shut people up. BLOCKED. kidding, i dont have any powers here! I would block it tho, if i had them!
  8. Red John

    Training for the Battle of the Communities

    @Sky @Farid @James @SnoopDoge lets say today at 9 pm EST We ll talk about maps, roles and positions. Should not take long. People who want and can help feel free to join. @NaisA- come as well, u ll teach us strats
  9. Red John


    he is a member, and by "we" he means community
  10. Red John


    Now i see, how he got it in the first place
  11. Red John


    I feel for you, but i dont think anything can be done. Thats why, you dont give your skins to anyone on the Internet, only to those about whom you know where they live, so you could come and beat theirasses. @NaisA- asked me several times to use my knife. I suggest we ban him right away, he is a potential scammer!!!! P.S. I broke my mind, trying to formulate my second phrase...
  12. Hello guys, apparently for now thats our roaster: Main team: @James, @Sky, @MelonsRule, @SnoopDoge and me., @Red John. Subs: @Farid, @NaisA- and @kekbun. Judging from my past experience, we will not be able to practice a lot. Last time, we met up once or twice, and for an hour straight, we only learned couple smokes. And it didn't give us much result. But, i am still convinced that we should still meet at least once and talk about what maps we want and comfortable to play, which positions and how. Even if we wont have time to practice all executes, but knowing positions and maps gonna help us a lot. And then, knowing where we gonna play, we can individually train our smokes and plays. I am from NA (EST) and pretty much free all weekends and some evenings. What about you guys? Comment your timezone and what you think about all of this. I am open to any suggestions.
  13. Red John

    Battle of the Communites V

    Steam Name: Red John Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103323421 Which Charity should we choose and why?: https://donate.worldvision.ca/collections/donations many ways to donate to children CSGO Rank: currently MGE (usually DMG)
  14. Red John

    Happy birthday Headline!

    Happy birthday, dude! Didn't see u in a while, how have u been, what were u doing???
  15. Red John

    $40 Keycap Code Giveaway