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  1. I see thsi this is no different form any other team game. The females are always the support mains https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1cvEDKuMZw
  2. Philip


  3. Philip

    Community PUBG Outing


    oooh birthday bash on PUBG
  4. Philip

    Mouse Suggestions

    Deathadder elite
  5. Philip

    You Know Who I Am.

    Take this to the power of Lord of the Rings
  6. Philip


    3.14 bc pie
  7. Philip

    1v1 CSGO Event!

    sign me up
  8. Philip

    New Forum Giveaway!

  9. Philip

    Special Award Claim

    Both pls and thx u
  10. Philip

    Philip is back-ish

    Love u bb let's play zombie survival with campo sometime
  11. Philip

    Philip is back-ish

    I think we got into an argument b4 I left
  12. Philip

    Are Traps Gay?

    Traps are gay
  13. Philip

    What was your first game?

    Mine was a plug and play spongbob game
  14. Philip

    Philip is back-ish

    @jacobthepigeon I still have our stupid power ranger pictures from darkrp a couple of years ago