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  1. Big Thank You!

    Happy day, I know how hard it is to stream LOL
  2. The Trap Of CG

    Can confirm this trap sent me hentai within the first few minutes of talking to them.
  3. Fortnite

  4. rip s4mple 2k18

    you're pretty cool, thanks for being apart of the staff community for so long :)
  5. Appreciation post for my best friend. You're now 20 and you can't talk to me for a straight month LOL Thanks for being in my life and shit haha also im gonna post the drawing i made for u even though i already showed u so people can compliment me :') Happy birthday you fucking dork @Headline
  6. [Forum App][Krispy]

    thats a hard yikes from me
  7. Resignation

    :) Thank you for being apart of staff and helping out.
  8. Art commissions for the community!

    im down!
  9. Art commissions for the community!

    I use Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop. For animating I use Sony Vegas 15 and MediaBang
  10. B E E S in MY League?

    god that ladybug one is too cute
  11. Art commissions for the community!

    @Woolfy ur not paying me to make you art, i do the shit whenever i feel like it. so instead of reposting it, be patient or ill just decide not to do it
  12. [Forum mod][eZ^]

    +1 if there was a player of the month award id want him to be on it every month yikes jk eZ is super good for any position you throw at him, he's dedicated to the community and an all around liked person.
  13. [Forum Staff Application][kekbun]

    Age: 17 (birthday is in a month bb :^ ) watch out) TimeZone: EST standard. Recommended By: @eZ^ @Headline (i had to beat it out of him tho :') ) Previous Staff Experience (Explain in detail): Forum staff in the old AG, admin in multiple positions such as TS for CG, and old AG servers. Currently SM for 1v1. How Often Do You Use Forums: Daily. How Often Do You Use Our Discord Or Teamspeak 3: I use discord everyday, and Ts3 every other few days. Why Do You Want To Become Staff: I want to become staff on forums in order to lessen the workload for others, also I enjoy coming on the forums daily to be updated. I usually see things that should be moderated before they're caught by others and I'd love to help out around the community in more areas than just my position as Server Manager in our 1v1 arenas server. Rules You Believe are Most Broken on Forums: Spamming for rep, Irrelevant posts that don't concern the topic. Are You Willing to Host Events: Yes. If Accepted, What Do You Believe Your Impact Will Be: I believe my impact would overall improve the staff team as it is. I'm on very often and I know the rules in order to deal with problems that come up.
  14. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    I understand you're willing to talk out things with other people; however, it still stands at a fact that it shouldn't happen in the first place. Especially if your staff, you need to be more welcoming.
  15. Mouse Suggestions

    i like my mouse, but its a logitech g300s