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  1. kekbun

    Quittrying introduction

    hey there dude, hows it been
  2. kekbun

    This is why..

    I'm sorry for everything you've gone through recently, and I appreciate you sharing it with us. What I don't understand is if all of this is happening, why did you even apply for another position, let alone keep the one you have now. I know your situation is temporary, but you can always come back to AG at anytime. You have a place here, and you have people here that like you and think of you as a friend. Hopefully you can decide to give yourself more time off and come back when you're properly able to have that free time for the community.
  3. kekbun

    I'm Turning 21

    im deadass
  4. kekbun

    I'm Turning 21

    come to cali
  5. kekbun

    [TeamSpeak Staff Application] [Dalton/Dark]

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but to my understanding, Event manager was a role created so a certain person would schedule events for the community. Even if the events don't have to be coordinated with the servers, I don't see any events happening to the extent it should be. The last time I talked to Dark (Dalton,) he said he wanted at least 2 events a week. Within the the time he was appointed the rank, he's messaged me once about creating an event. What I'm saying is that Event Manager as of right now is a meme of a role, and that's because the people who fill it aren't currently doing that job. I'd just like to see your Event Manager position turn more into a success before you apply for another responsibility.
  6. kekbun

    Hunger Games is Back!

    It will be.
  7. kekbun

    Need the community's thoughts

    A well drawn diagram of WHY ASS IS BETTER if u pick tits and a flat ass over a better constructed body consider urself blocked
  8. kekbun

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Well obviously the multiple chargebacks from people were wrong. What I don't understand is why you started off by saying "The transaction didn't go through so." I'm glad you apologized and +1 to the idea of you starting your trust back from rock bottom.
  9. kekbun

    Is M E R P L E S Gay?

    without a doubt, has gay
  10. kekbun

    Community Nights

    yes sir +1
  11. kekbun

    Wizard 101

    My mom and me play, if you want my mom to carry u just let me know. Her main character is Alia Life maxed
  12. kekbun

    New chat for artists

    Artist channel has been added thanks to @Kurama Koukla and the people who +1'd my suggestion. (Thank you ily) Topic locked.
  13. kekbun

    Battle of the Communites V

    Steam Name: kek Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:81587912 Which Charity: St. Jude Children's research hospital because I cried once at one of their commercials CSGO Rank: mg but i only got the rank after a month of not playing. I'm LE I promise :') (but i'm totally a lot better than that i swear headass) willing to be a glorified substitute
  14. kekbun

    New chat for artists

    There is a few people that like to share their art on discord. It usually goes in media but it would better if we had a separate chat for our artists to post things they've made, whether its games, linework, or just general artwork.
  15. kekbun

    1v1 Server Change Log

    5/27/18 - @IAXI has been demoted. (Late on the changelog) - Pointshop has been added. (thanks @Headline I love you) (!shop in order to buy custom tags)