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  1. [Forum Staff Application][Crow]

    +1. Fun dude to be around, responsible as staff.
  2. rip s4mple 2k18

    I'm gonna miss you, s4mple. One of the coolest people on AG that I know of.
  3. baby raccoon name ideas

    thats not a good FUCKING NAME
  4. Post your setups!

    if it was my setup it would be filled with ryuko matoi figurines, smh. Look her up if you don't know her
  5. baby raccoon name ideas

    Name it "Boofle Woof." reasonable unisex name
  6. Post your setups!

    how much did that setup cost, dude? I want it.
  7. Post your setups!

    Here's mine.
  8. I am back from the dead

    Welcome back x
  9. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Pingu]

    +1. Even though I'm not really "active" atm and I don't know how pingu has really acted in a while (probably the same,) He's funny and gets along with people very well. He also tries to populate the server once in a while and is active most of the time.
  10. Talking about random shit #3

    oh shit i forgot when i wanted to be a teacher lol.
  11. Talking about random shit #3

    I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Still my dream man
  12. idk

    Welcome to the community!
  13. Looking for a Banner Creator

    shit i can only draw, not edit. good luck to those who are chosen >:V
  14. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Kap]

    100th time applying I see. Neutral. Good at staffing but resigns and reapplies too much.
  15. 1-Word Game