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  1. Fortnite

    SurvivorG21 - Tier 63
  2. Brontes' Forum Mod Resignation

    Thanks for your work brontes ;D
  3. rip s4mple 2k18

    Goodbye old friend, thanks for all your work and everything you’ve done ;P
  4. Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    Thanks for all your work ;o
  5. Mouse Suggestions

    https://www.petsmart.com/small-pet/live-small-pets/ Hope that helps
  6. Talking About Random Shit #4

    I was trying to fall asleep, door is open and I can see directly into the hallway. All of a sudden my brother and his friends are all their laughing towards me and such. The next day I asked him why and apparently he was never home that night. Its still the reason why I sleep with my door closed to this day
  7. Garry's Mod Custom TTT Server

    Alright I’ll go ahead and buff the flare gun!
  8. Global Staff Talk

    The way I see global staff, and the way I heard it from the other high staff is that you would mainly apply for one server, but all SMs would give input if they should be accepted. That would mean the staff member would have one main server, but then if they hear reports of rdming or other rule breaking on another, and the other server doesn’t have staff on at that time, they can quickly take care of that, then return to their server or keep looking after that server until a staff member who mainly applied for that server, comes on.
  9. Special Award Claim

    Both for a long ass time
  10. LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    -1. Although I’ve always liked you being one of my staff members, it is to early for you to be forgiven and to come back. The community you made just shut down (or whatever is happening) and you want back already, although ag DCRP was already on the downfall, you fully killed it. Id say remain blacklisted for another 2-4 weeks, then come back as a member. And not a staff position for you in a long time ;P
  11. Survivor Introduction

    Hi, most of you know me. I am/was the Divisional Manager for Garry’s Mod and a lot of other positions for ag... basically everything lower then Root. So yeah ;p Been around since 2013, but I’ve been on leave since January 2018 due to a car crash ;( Okey bye.