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  1. i could have done many more productive things in the time that it took me to read this.
  2. Locked channels

    Having to have a role to view channels is not a good idea in my opinion. It took me half an hour to figure out how to do this the first time I had to do it. People can just minimize/mute the channels or just ignore them the system right now is confusing and overly complicated.
  3. Training for the Battle of the Communities

    Oh okay I didn't wanna play anyway
  4. Training for the Battle of the Communities

    Teamspeak Discord is gross
  5. Training for the Battle of the Communities

    Alright that works out fine for me.
  6. Training for the Battle of the Communities

    PST Pretty much any day unless I get called to work
  7. hi

    Hi friend been a little while ;)
  8. Talking About Random Shit #8

    I currently work cleaning out foreclosed houses and keeping the lawns nice and stuff. My dream job would be being a paramedic.
  9. Important Rugratz Problem

  10. whats going on people

    Welcome back to the community :)
  11. Battle of the Communites V

    Steam name: Michael Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:420254298 Which Charity should we choose and why?: https://www.stjude.org/ really cool hospitals that research and work to help children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses CSGO Rank: Master Guardian 2

    Moved to spam
  13. Talking About Random Shit #6

    December 2015
  14. Share Your Music Thread