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  1. Eveejoe

    The Future of the Community

    I really hope this works. It's been too long since I've gotten yelled at by high staff. I don't like watching communities I love fade away, I wanna save this shit dawg. I'm really looking forward to that Rocket League stuff doe 😉 #BuffTheFlareGun2k18
  2. Eveejoe

    [Forum Staff Application][Crow]

    +1 he is an avid #BuffTheFlareGun supporter
  3. Eveejoe

    Garry's Mod Custom TTT Server

    I agree with @Sky even though I'd hate to see the server collapse but if nothing changes and no one can step up I guess the option would have to be option 1.
  4. I just wanna wish everyone a Happy Easter! Enjoy finding your Easter Baskets around your house or anywhere you go. Don't eat too much candy or you'll probably get sick! Remember to give your family the love they deserve and wish everyone a Happy Easter. Stay safe everyone! Not that Easter is really a partying holiday but you all know what I mean. For those who don't celebrate Easter, enjoy your sunday and April Fools Day and prank some random 10 year olds on Garry's Mod or Xbox or something! You bois stay save too. Happy Easter everyone! love you all <3
  5. Eveejoe

    The BTFG Saga

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww </3
  6. Eveejoe

    The BTFG Saga

    I made this video so everyone knows how @Ellie treats me and my cause :(
  7. Eveejoe

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    That's because they didn't buff the flare gun while they had a chance! AND THE REICH COLLAPSED
  8. Eveejoe

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    Excoos me?
  9. Eveejoe

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    I mean this post was only for the memes lmao "appease you" that's how ww2 started! They appeased hitler BUT HE WANTED MORE
  10. Eveejoe

    Brand New Forum Brand New Idea

    i dont know the exact stats of it but like the initial impact can do more damage. and the burning only does 2 damage a second for 5 seconds. so if more damage was done over 5 seconds would be nice OR 2 damage a second over a longer period of time. ya feel?
  11. Yup I'm still here... been here since 2013 and I don't see anything changing any time soon. I've never had to introduce myself to people in AG. People usually just remember me as "that guy that screams a lot" and "the guy with the memes". I'm not the most social, proof of this is that I've been here longer than most people and I've only talked to The Owners once or twice. The first time I talked to one was at the last karaoke night and they made fun of me :( I generally keep to myself and don't try to cause issues amongst the community. I avoid all sorts of unnecessary confrontations with trolls minges ETC. I've been staff on AG MiliRP and AG Semi Custom and one of the "early day" TTT servers. I am a passive type person. Even if I don't post or respond to a post... I'm watching... - Evan
  12. This has never come up before. Ever. But I think I speak for everyone when I say that we need a buffed flare gun. I have never seen the issue come up from all my years of playing AG TTT all the way back to 2013 its never come up. I think that a buffed flare gun would allow the weapon to be more viable and it will actually come up more often in gameplay. No one ever uses it because of how useless it is in its current state. So from now on I will create a hashtag to support my endeavors. #BuffTheFlareGun I think that hashtag will catch on, eh?
  13. Eveejoe

    Your Top 5 Pokemon Games

    1. Pokemon snap on N64 2. 3. 4. 5. That's legit the only pokemon game I've ever played
  14. Eveejoe

    Karaoke Night!

    I'm there. I go where the music is bois